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10 facts you may not know about ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6

So far, news from Teen Wolf  season 6 have been few and far between, with filming stopping intermittently and details being scarce. While we wait for more, here are a few tidbits gathered over the last month after the season 5 finale aired. Enjoy!

.1. Dylan O’Brien won’t be back for most of 6A

Considering his schedule, any Stiles appearances in Teen Wolf season 6 already seemed like a stretch, at best. However, his severe accident (he’s getting better though, don’t worry!) on set of The Death Cure means that the movie’s production has been delayed for about 2 months. That, in turn, means no time for Teen Wolf. However much the writers are trying to convince you otherwise, Stiles is going to be MIA.

.2. …and there’s an (alleged) good reason for it, plot-wise

*SPOILERS AHEAD* stop reading if you’re allergic to plot revelations before the show airs.

Rumor has it Stiles has been erased from everyone’s memories … except Lydia’s. While this is only a rumor, it would make sense (or as much sense as Teen Wolf ever makes, bless its little heart) and would avoid other dubious alternatives: a coma (they’d still need shots of Dylan even if they were few and far between. Also Stiles has been hurt far too much already to my taste, so let’s not go there!), a kidnapping (fat chance. Stiles would drive his captors to insanity before they got 5 miles away), etc.

.3. Season 6A is supposed to air “soon”

I’m not sure how “soon” is “soon” but, you know. Maybe, probably, soon-ish. Traditionally, the summer seasons begin airing in June, but considering how late filming started, they may not make it this year. Still, fingers crossed!

.4. The season’s big bad is already known

Remember the mention of the Nazi Werewolf? Remember not ever wanting to find out what, exactly, it was? Well, here we go. We also know there will be Ghost Riders who have the ability to erase memories (see trailer for a preview of that madness).

.5. Stiles’ and the Sheriff’s names may very possibly be revealed 

I know, I know it feels like every season the showrunners promise this and it never happens. BUT, during season 5, we learned that Stiles’ name started with an “M” which is not much but it’s a beginning! Also since it seems unlikely that the show will go on after season 6, or at least with these actors and format, it may just be the time to finally do it. Also on my list of hopes and dreams: Stiles, Malia and the Jeep go to college far, far away from Beacon Hills and never look back.

.6. Claudia Stilinski will be back

The actress was on set earlier this month, now the real question is … Why? New (horrifying) flashbacks? An alternate reality in which everyone forgets Stiles AND Claudia is alive? A link to the name reveal? Who knows, but I for one, am intrigued. *twirls imaginary beard*

.7. There’s a new teacher in town

The jury’s out on his potential creepiness (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Mama Martin and 10 being Jennifer Blake) for now, but chances are he won’t be as “charming” as his introduction lets on. According to TV Line:

Pete Ploszek (Workaholics, Shameless) will recur on the MTV drama as Garrett Douglas, a “charming” educator likely to catch the eye of several students.” – Deadline

Teen Wolf ‘s track record when it comes to inappropriate relationships (Derek/Kate, Lydia/Parrish, etc.) is pretty heavy so we’ll have to see where this goes!

.8. Arden Cho isn’t returning

This was heavily featured in the media when announced but still. If you were planning on more Kira screen time, think again.

.9. Nor is Cody Christian, apparently 

Or at least not in 6A, most likely. Maybe he’ll make a surprised appearance in the mid-season finale but so far, it looks like local psychopath Theo Raeken is MIA.

.10. Surprise!

Full disclosure: I don’t really have a n°10, but here are a few of my hopes and dreams for season 6 instead! As a whole, season 5 was uneven in quality and the focus on the younger characters and the villains left many fans (okay, this fan right here anyway) wondering where the show’s heart had gone. So for season 6, I hope the writers go back to developing the lead characters and take them on emotional journeys.

It’s all fine and great to have villains forever becoming the New Terrifying Beacon Hills Threat, but the Dread Doctors from season 5 never seemed to amount to much and still had a good chunk of screen time dedicated to them instead of say, the Scott and Stiles friendship, the parents, etc.

I’m also hoping for more humor, because while Teen Wolf has made a name for itself with the mythology it introduces, it also garnered its following thanks to naively cute little scenes like this one.

Other thoughts: more Malia, less “Teen Wolf  New Generation” with the new kids, cool mythology, single Scott aaaand #BringBackIsaac2K16

So what do you guys want to see in season 6? We’ll probably get some kind of video teaser soon, so stay tuned for more info!

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