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Vote for your favorite TV couples: The “Would You Rather” Edition

We’re taking a look at some of our favorite TV couples from the shows that we love. Here are some love triangles, friends with benefits, and people we just hope get together because they sizzle.

Vote for which relation(ship) you love the most from each show! We know it’s kind of impossible to choose, and we’re also aware that some of these people are dead, but who really cares?

Polls close Wednesday, May 11th at 5:00 PM EST

Please play nice and respect your fellow super-fans. #PositiveVibesOnly

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

May and Coulson

May and Coulson are such an amazing team in and out of the field. They keep each other grounded, sane, and alive all while dancing around years of built up sexual tension.

May and Andrew

He was her safe place, her normal but nothing could ever stay simple for May. And just when we thought they could finally find peace together, Andrew lashed out, literally.
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Liv and Drake

Drake was the bad boy that Liv (and the erotic fiction writer brain) couldn’t resist and couldn’t quite figure out. But once she did, they were hot and heavy and oh, so heartbreaking.

Liv and Major

They were on their way to happily-ever-after when a scratch on a boat changed everything for these love birds. They are destined to be together, even if life (and death) keep getting in the way.
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The 100

Bellamy and Clarke

They have been through hell and are leaning on each other to get through their grief together. We have watched them grow as leaders and friends and their bond is undeniably adorable.

Clarke and Lexa

There are very few love stories that completely melt our hearts in the way that Lexa and Clarke did. They didn’t deserve the tragic accident that changed it all, but we will never forget how amazingly beautiful their love was.
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Teen Wolf

Stiles and Lydia

There’s something about Stydia that we’ll never let go of. Sure, Stiles loves Malia, but his friendship with Lydia is one of the best on the show and we can’t help but hoping that they finally become something more.

Stiles and Malia

Despite our love for Stydia, there’s no denying the adorableness of Stiles and Malia. They have both been wonderful for each other in so many ways and their chemistry is off the charts.

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Olivia and Jake

Jake accidentally fell in love with the DC’s resident HBIC after being assigned by B613 to seduce her. Olake’s known for standing in the sun and being a badass (and hot as hell) couple.

Olivia and Fitz

Olitz has been happening since Season 1 of Scandal. Their love is one for the ages and Fitz built Liv a beautiful home in Vermont. She will always be his bae.

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Mary and Francis

Frary was genuine and beautiful. Their love was strong enough to survive all the affairs and baby mamas. We’ll never forget their romance.

Mary and Bash

Bash, aka the hottest bastard of France, was royally friend-zoned when he fell for Mary Queen of Scots. They were almost wed and Bash might still be a little salty, but there’s no denying they had chemistry.

Mary and Gideon

There never was a more dangerous affair than one between a queen and a spy. Gideon offers Mary the family she desires and she’s quite the catch.

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Sleepy Hollow

Abbie and Ichabod

Ichabbie fans basically rule Sleepy Hollow and that’s no surprise. The witnesses are so in sync and connected it’s amazing a romantic relationship wasn’t struck.

Abbie and Reynolds

Reynolds and Abbie fell in love at Quantico and never fell out of love. Danabbie had real potential and would’ve been sexy.

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The Originals/The Vampire Diaries

Klaus and Cami

Avoiding spoilers from recent The Originals episode, Cami and Klaus have had a special bond since the beginning. She brings out a better side of him and … we have to stop here before we start crying.

Klaus and Caroline

This ship will never die. How can anyone blame us for rooting for these guys when Klaus told her he “intends to be her last” love. We’re still holding out hope that these two will end up together.

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The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Damon

Bamon have been heating up ever since Bonnie and Damon escaped Kai’s purgatory. These two might just be BFF’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love them together – their chemistry together is sizzling. Guess you could say they found love in a hopeless place.

Bonnie and Enzo

Bonenzo are hot right now and good for each other! Finally someone appreciates Bonnie for the amazing girl she is. Enzo woo’d, charmed, and romanticized Bonnie the way every girl deserves. Enzo sure knows how to win a girl over.

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