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‘Scandal’: “Trump Card” promo video and predictions

Where has the time gone? I guess we’ve made it to the penultimate episode of Scandal‘s 5th season. Whoa.

Scandal‘s next episode, “Trump Card,” is sure to give fans a run for their money. Each candidate has a lot to lose, and each of our favorite characters have someone in the running. Liv and Abby are tag teaming to kick Doyle off the Republican nomination, but will they switch back to challenging each other?

Eli loves making last minute moves and he does it well. He also happens to have an arsenal of information on every person in the United States thanks to B613, so what destruction will he cause? It’s time for war and we can be sure that Sally Langston will be broadcasting every little juicy bit.


  • Sometime during this episode, Doyle will be given a hefty blow. No one likes him.
  • Cyrus and Eli are battling the democratic nomination and have bright candidates. I wouldn’t be surprised if Edison’s dark side rears its head. Will Frankie Vargas be prepared?
  • Jake knows Eli messed with Liv and will probably be helping Cyrus.
  • Abby will have to decide if she wants to make a deal with the devil Command and screw the Grant campaign.
  • Mellie will be victorious, because although Susan has the heart, she can’t compete with the Big Bads of government.

May the best candidates win and the episode knock us off our feet.

P.S. Follow me on Twitter for live tweets of the episode: @SuryaCherian.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.



Surya Cherian

Surya moved to Hollywood with two suitcases and a new haircut. Indian and Catholic, she’s always been a conundrum, but her sister says, “she’s alright.” Her fave shows are Gilmore Girls and Bones. Follow her on Twitter for nonstop craziness.

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