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‘Game of Thrones’ 6×02 recap: What’s next for Jon Snow

This recap is for Game of Thrones 6×02 “Home” that aired May 1, 2016. If you aren’t caught up, do yourself a favor and watch it RN.

Hey guys, remember last week when we said Jon Snow was dead? WELL, GUESS WHAT? HE’S NOT. NOPE DEFINITELY NOT, GUYS.

We have nothing else to say right now, except, let’s get into the recap.


So, what does this mean? Melisandre and her walk-of-shame hair pulled some serious magic tricks last night. Jon Snow rose from the dead, but is he really Jon Snow? Could he be the spirit of the rumored Azor Ahai that will save all of Westeros from the white-walker army of death? Let’s not forget back in season 3 when Arya was with The Hound, and they came across that cave group of fire-god worshippers. Remember that joker that came back to life using fire-god magic? That dude, named Lord Beric Dondarrion, who is the leader of The Brotherhood, had been brought back from the dead six times. He seemed to still be the same guy he was before, so Jon very much could still be Jon.

Here’s another theory: What if Jon’s life is tied to Ghosts’? That would seem fitting for a “balance of nature” type deal, which is how most of that magic shit works anyways, right? Plus, Jon is half-Stark, and Starks have an insane connection to not just direwolves, but animals in general. Also, it’s kind of adorable to think about Jon’s life force being tied to Ghosts’. Ghost is the f**king best. How cute was it when Ghost perked up when Jon woke up? They may be in the coldest part of the world, but Ghosts’ conscious is frolicking in a field of flowers RN.

The camera kept cutting to Ghost “sleeping” next to Jon, too, and it was purposeful when the camera cut to Ghost again when Jon “woke up”. Something’s going on there, guys! (For more details on his revival, check out’s exclusive interview with Kit Harington.)

Arya, (we mean, the girl with no name) is forgiven.

The many-faced God has forgiven Arya. She seems to have accepted that she truly is a girl with no name, and it sounds like she’ll be getting her eyes back soon, too. We have to think, though, that when Arya hears that her half-bro came back to life and that her other two brothers are alive (one of which is living in a root-nest warging in and out of time) that she’ll go find them. What do the faceless men/women do anyways? What’s their purpose? They need to have some sort of role in the pending war to come. What team will Arya fight for?


Bran is back, and he’s a warging fool. He’s been jumping in and out of timelines with the three-eyed raven, and it’s clear he’s being trained. There’s some Inception-esque vibes we’re getting from the power that Bran/the three-eyed raven hold. One cannot get too deep into their warging power, or they’ll get lost in time. In Bran’s latest warg outing, he saw his father and uncle as children in Winterfell, as well as his aunt Lyanna (AKA, Jon Snow’s rumored mom.)

Last season we got a ton of backstory on Lyanna, as well as Jon’s rumored real dad, Rhaegar Targaryen. Apparently the guy was a modern-day McConaughey and charmed the socks off of Lyanna. It’s said that Rhaegar was infatuated with her, and when he “kidnapped her” she fell in love with him. If this is true, then Jon is half-Targaryen, which means he could be a dragon rider. We’re waiting for the scene when Jon walks through fire and comes out unscathed, proving that he’s truly kin to the Queen B, Dany.

We could go on all day about this theory! Listen for more details on our podcasts.

Iron Islands/Schmiron Islands.

Is it bad that we don’t care about the Iron-Born? We know they play a huge part in the books, but we’d rather see more dragons. Theon tells Sansa he’s dipping out and heading for the Iron Islands now that she has protection from Poddrick and Brienne. Shit’s about to go down back in Theon’s homeland, because his dad was just murdered by what appeared to be Theon’s uncle (the dude kept calling Theon’s dad, “brother”), and his sister is going to have to fight to be voted Queen of the Iron Islands. Theon isn’t really fit to be king, but what does the guy have to lose at this point? Hell hath no fury like a man who’s alter-ego is Reek.

Tyrion WILL ride a dragon.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Tryion is a mother f**king Targaryen, and he will ride a dragon. Mark our words! In the books, Tyrion is obsessed with learning about dragons, and we finally saw that play out in the television series. Tyrion is known for his wealth of knowledge, and he #blessed Missandei, Grey Worm, and Varys with some dirty deets on dragons. Basically, the reason they went extinct the last time was because the world tried to domesticate them to the point where they didn’t grow into the big badasses they are today.

Tyrion asks Missandei if the dragons have ever hurt her, to which she replies no. Tyrion says that dragons are smart; they know who their friends are. To prove this theory, Tyrion chugs a glass of wine and heads down to the dragons’ cave. He’s terrified, but he talks to the dragons as he unchains them. The dragons don’t hurt him, and it seems as though Tyrion is starting to build their trust. The dragons have stopped eating since Dany left, and Tyrion knows they will need their strength. We’re just happy that they didn’t eat Tyrion. (Also, how the hell are they supposed to get out of that basement? That doorway looked a little small …)

Ramsay is seriously the worst.

We knew it was going to happen, but we didn’t realize it was going to be that bad. Ramsay finds out that his stepmom has given birth to a boy, and he congratulates his dad by stabbing him. After that, he lures his stepmom and new baby brother into the dogs’ quarters … and yeah. We’ll spare you the details, but it’s safe to say that Ramsay is the sole heir to The North. He’s now Lord Ramsay, and we need a resurrected Jon to kill him STAT.

What did you think of last night’s episode? The season’s trend seems to be dropping major bombshells at the end of each episode – and we love it! Here’s the ending scene again to kick off your Monday:

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