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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: “Blood in the Streets”

Season 2, Episode 4, “Blood in the Streets”, Aired May 1, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead gets better with every episode. In “Blood in the Streets,” we see our gang suffer consequences for previous mistakes, learn Strand’s sketchy backstory and watch Nick proving he’s an apocalypse king in the making.

Here are the five biggest revelations from the episode:

1. Nick is the best character on the show

All of the characters on Fear are awesome in their own way, but Nick has to be the fan-favorite (or is it just us?) He’s a total badass, and the opening scene of this episode proves it. Nick is embarking on a mission that Strand gave him and swims ashore in the middle of the night, landing in what looks like an abandoned Bonnaroo campsite (with less tie-dye and shitty, old VW’s).

His first order of business is to lure a walker into a tent so he can gut it and cover himself with its blood. He does it like a damn pro and barely flinches.


Nick strolls down the streets of an abandoned town, covered in blood and bouncing a basketball, because he gives zero f**ks. When he comes to the gated community he was supposed to get to, he meets Louis (Arturo del Puerto) who has major history with Strand. Let’s get to all that jazz.

2. Strand’s Relationship With Thomas is His Driving Force

We get Strand flashbacks throughout the episode where we finally learn his current-day intentions. Honestly, it all makes him a little more likable … I think. Back in the day, a bankrupt Strand starts drinking with a random rich dude named Thomas Abigail (yes, Abigail) at a bar. When Strand helps tanked-Thomas to his hotel room, he decides to jack all of his black cards from his wallet and rack up a ton of debt.


It’s not long before Thomas (played by Dougray Scott), shows up with his employee named LOUIS! They have tracked down Strand, and he wants his moolah back. Their weird relationship turns into a romance (what a solid foundation), and we see them chilling a few years later in Mexico at the house that we’re guessing is the safe house.

The men are living the good life, but Strand says he needs to go to LA for a couple of days. That’s where Strand got stuck and met up with Maddie and Travis. So, it looks like Thomas was who he was talking to on the walkie and that house is where they plan on going. There’s a problem, though …

3. Louis is Supposed to be Getting Strand to Mexico

So, Louis is the one who is helping get Strand into Mexico so they can meet up with Thomas at the house. Apparently, Louis’ mother is already there, so that should be promising, right? The sh*tty part is that Louis tells Nick he’s only secured enough resources and money to get himself and Strand there. He was not counting on their being an additional seven people.

Louis seems like a fairly solid dude, and after forcing Nick to shower, he drives him to the shore. The two hop in a raft motorboat and make it to the yacht just in time to help out the others.

4. Humanity Has Already Fallen Apart

On the yacht, some serious biznass is going down. A few men and a pregnant woman float up to the yacht in their raft and insist that the woman needs help. It’s all a ruse, and they take over the boat and tie everyone up. Strand manages to escape on the inflatable life raft, but the pirates shoot it and he starts sinking out in the ocean.

To everyone’s surprise (except ours), one of the guys is Jack, the radio-friend Alicia made a couple episodes back. Jack is way milder than the others. One of the pirate dudes is a total dick and starts slapping people around and threatening everyone’s lives.

Alicia knows Jack’s a solid guy deep down because they spent so much quality time chatting over a CB radio. She thinks she can talk him out of hurting anyone and maybe help her out.


Jack tells her that their true leader, Connor, is on a boat somewhere nearby. There’s more?!

Meanwhile, the dick pirate is threatening Chris’ life, telling Travis he better get the boat started without the keys (which Strand has), or he’ll kill Chris. All of sudden, more pirates show up and they decide to take Alicia and Travis back with them, throwing bags over their heads and taking them off the yacht. Where the hell are they taking them? The group CANNOT get separated! We’re nervous. We’re nervous. We’re nervous. We’re nervous.


5. Our Gang is Getting Stronger

When Nick and Louis roll up in their raft, they sniper shoot two of the pirates on the yacht deck, and Maddie takes it upon herself to stab and kill the dick one. Pirates down! Muahahaha!

Our gang just proved they are getting stronger and doing what they need to. Hopefully this was a great learning experience and the next time someone tries to play them like that, they’ll throw up the middle finger to them and/or shoot them. #TrustNoOne


When Louis boards, he tells them they have to have Strand with them to get into Mexico. Maddie has to float out into the ocean and rescue Strand. She probably should have insisted they leave Strand for now and go find her man and her daughter, but Maddie is finally understanding the meaning of making tough decisions in this messed up world. Plus, they needed those damn yacht keys.


So, now what? Are Strand and Louis going to team up against the group, or will they let them go to the Mexican safe house with them. Will they use them for “safety in numbers” purposes and then ditch them when they no longer need them? How the hell are they going to get Alicia and Travis back? Alicia CANNOT die — we’re still not over Lexa.


Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC (AKA the same time as Game of Thrones because networks execs hate us and life isn’t fair).


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