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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 1×13 “Leviathan”

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Leviathan,” Aired April 28, 2016

Legends! So much happened in this week’s episode! We finally made it to 2166 London, and it is a mess!

London 2166


Vandal Savage is at the height of his power. What does it look like?  A whole lot of death!

Vandal has a monstrous army which has managed to conquer almost the entire planet. The only free city left is London, and it is currently under attack. The last bit of hope lies with, a small rebel army and our Legends.

The Legends devise a plan to destroy Savage once and for all. Deja vu, anyone?

The Plan


Kendra has one of her flashbacks, and in the flashback she sees a bracelet. In a previous episode the bracelet was revealed, Kendra must use items that were present at her first death to kill Savage. The bracelet she sees in her flashback, currently rests on Vandal Savage’s daughter’s wrist. I know. I’ll get to this!

Rip recruits Captain Cold, Heatwave, and Sara (Or, as Heatwave would put it, “Klepto, Pyro, and Killer) to steal the bracelet.

Cassandra Savage


Sara is tasked to distract Cassandra, as “Klepto”  and “Pyro” try to steal it, off her wrist. How does Sara distract her? Why she fights her, of course! Cassandra and Sara go head-to-toe, and it was probably the most evenly matched fight I have ever seen. If it wasn’t for the help of her boys, I don’t know if Sara would have won this one!

Instead of killing Cassandra and taking the bracelet, the team has the wonderful idea to kidnap her. Seriously, what is with all the kidnappings? The team takes Cassandra back to the ship.

Cassandra and Snart

They put Cassandra in their holding tank. Fish bowl? Jail? I don’t know what to call it.

They need answers, and Cassandra is unwilling to give them. Cassandra explains to them that torture won’t work on her. Snart, to everyone’s surprise, asks if he can take a crack at her. Here is what we learn:

  • Cassandra thinks her mother died because of the virus Pergadon released. (We know Savage released it.)
  • Snart informs Cassandra, she is not the only one with a terrible father.
  • Cassandra has convinced herself what Savage is doing is good for the planet.

Snart convinces Cassandra that Savage is the one that really released the virus. Cassandra, once she sees proof, joins the Legends.

Cassandra isn’t the only one to join the team, this episode. (Well, technically he re-joins the team.)

Carter 2.0



Carter is back! I know, no one is surprised by this. We knew it would happen eventually. The only difference is this re-incarnation doesn’t remember anything from his past lives. Savage has brain washed him. Carter has no idea who Kendra is! In fact, Carter’s first scene in the episode features him trying to kill Kendra.

This is a huge bummer for all of us who ship #AtomHawk. I hope this doesn’t affect Kendra and Ray’s relationship, but we all know it will. Anyways, Kendra knocks Carter out and takes him back to the ship. This episode ends mid action; the reason being is that there are only three more episodes of the season. The writers want to continue this arc until the end. This means every episode until the finale will end with a cliff-hanging bang!

What did you all think? Are you happy Carter is back? Are you worried for #AtomHawk? Do you want to see more of Cassandra? Tune in next week for the next 2166 chapter.

Oh, and by the way… NYSSA is in next week’s Legends episode!!!!

Nyssara shippers get ready!!!!


Tune into Legends of Tomorrow Thursday nights at 8pm EST on The CW, and don’t forget to check out our Legends podcast and Legends coverage.

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