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’12 Monkeys’ Podcast: Cort and Brad talk episode 2×02 “Primary”

’12 Monkeys’ Podcast with Pure Fandom’s Cort and Brad!

Cassie and Cole are reunited, but it doesn’t feel too good. At least not for Cassie. Both have changed in the relatively short time they’ve been apart. Well, not all that short actually. Cole’s been stranded all of three months in 2016, while Cassie has spent eight hardening years in 2044. So girlfriend isn’t all that happy to see Cole “hanging” with the two people she hates the absolute most on the planet in that moment.

As far as this future Cassie is concerned, Cole is so far off mission and too stuck on his feelings and loyalty to Ramse. Hit play and listen as Brad and Cort break down this week’s episode, “Primary”. Be sure to hit the comments section and let us know what you thought of the episode. Did Cassie go to far? What do you think of her new bond with Jones and Deacon?

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Cort Robinson

A lover of words and moving pictures, I'm a fangirl from way back. Seriously—I grew up watching Daytime TV from my granny's knee. It was Knots Landing over Dynasty, and BtVS over pretty much everything else. I watch entirely too much television and am quite happy sitting in an empty movie theater on a rainy day. And if we’re talking bromances, there's no bromance quite like the Winchesters. Cort has been writing since she can remember and podcasting for nearly 10 years with @bradzb. Be sure to check us out our "Brad and Cort Talk" interviews and recaps. Also, join in the conversation over at our "Brad and Cort Talk" FB group.

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