Final trailer for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’!

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The final installment in the (kinda, sorta) rebooted X-Men trilogy is a little over a month away, and lucky for us that means promotion is finally in full swing! New posters, new stills, weirdly fun new tie-ins, you name it, it’s happening.

Remember the Days of Future Past Hardee’s ads…?

I’d like to point out that is not Jennifer Lawrence, who understandably probably woudn’t be caught dead doing this kind of ad. What’s more, I’m now really craving a bacon burger so for the good of humanity and me actually fitting into my summer dresses, it’s probably better to erase this from everyone’s mind. Kitty Pryde’s time-travelling powers would come in pretty handy right now, huh?

Of course, this is all a ploy to hype us up even more for the release of Apocalypse‘s final trailer, and brace yourselves because it’s finally here! Are you ready? Here are a couple of stills to wet your appetite:




Hang on to your Magneto helmets and dive into the brand new trailer!

Mystique is front and center in this new glimpse as to how much insanity Apocalypse is going to unleash on the X-Men. While the new kids are discovering how to use their powers (and not control them), some fan favorites are revealing interesting information about their lineage.

Important Things I Gathered From The New Footage

  • Aside from her obvious kickasser-y, I have major Psylocke hair envy. Girl, how do you get your locks to stay so perfectly put even when a storm is rising around you?!
  • I can’t wait to see Archangel in action
  • The “Xavier: Eric no
    Eric: Eric YES” dynamic is still very much happening and I’m so here for it
  • The eighties aren’t kind to everyone (what is that hair, Havock?!) but Jubilee and Raven look amazing.
  • There seems to be a (clawed) cameo towards the end… Surprise, surprise!

Excitement level: Rogelio from Jane the Virgin when he found out Jane and Michael wanted to get back together

I’m seeing the movie on May 16th, (after marathoning First Class and Days of Future Past because here at PureFandom we do things right), which is less than a month away, which means I’ll be hyperventilating my way to that date.

Until then, let’s just rewatch the trailer over and over!




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