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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: The 4 best moments from “Ouroboros”

Season 1, Episode 3, “Ouroboros,” Aired April 24, 2015

Can we just start out by asking, what TV devils decided that having Fear the Walking Dead air at the same time as Game of Thrones was a good idea? #FAIL

Anyway, in this week’s episode of Fear, we find out who survived Fight 462—Charlie (Michelle Ang) and a super burnt up Jake (Brendan Meyer)—and their crossing paths with Strand and gang doesn’t end up well for them. We also have Ofelia suffering from infection in her shoulder, and Maddie confronting Strand about his secret fortress in Baja. It looks like the group agrees (or is forced to) that joining Strand in Baja is their best choice, but the jury is still out on whether he can be trusted or not.

The Most F*cked Up Moment from “Ouroboros”

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

Chris killing the guy on the plane takes the cake for the most ‘holy sh*t that was messed up moment’ of the episode. When Chris pulls a season 2 Carl Grimes and wanders off on the beach, he decides to head into the crashed plane wreckage. He sees a man who is still alive (barely) stuck in his seat. Chris frees him, but the man falls to the ground and knows that he won’t survive. Barely able to speak, the man begs Chris to kill him.

This is some pretty heavy stuff for a kid who is still grieving the loss of his mother. Chris picks up a metal piece of wreckage and hits the man in the head. After a few blows, the man has a gaping hole in his head but his eyes are still moving … so Chris has to continue. Afterwards, he tries to act like nothing happened. How do you even tell someone what you just did?

Guys, this is how Negans and Governors are made. Chris’ future looks bleak.

The Award For the Biggest Badass

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

Nick 100% takes the cake for the biggest badass of the episode. After falling into a pit with a walker being eaten by crabs, he is able to fight it off by stabbing it in the head. When another one falls into the beach pit, Nick is able to fight it off as well. Then, he shows up just in time to help the rest of the group on the beach, and he’s covered in zombie blood. Guess what? He has already figured out the whole zombie blood and guts trick. BOOM!

Also, who would have thought his drug addiction would come in handy? He’s able to identify some drugs that will (and won’t) help Ofelia’s infected bullet wound. #NickIsBae

The Most Nerve-Wracking Moment

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

The beach fight scene with Alicia, Nick, Chris, and Daniel was stressful as hell. All of a sudden, a horde of zombies start appearing and coming toward them from over a sand dune. With Travis still trying to get the yacht working, the group has nowhere to go and no other option than to fight them off.

Seeing Chris and Alicia turn into total badasses and whack some zombies was pretty awesome. No better way to learn apocalypse survival skills than to be forced to fight in a life or death situation. There were a couple of close calls, but they all made it. Woohoo!

The Biggest OMG Moment

Photo credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

Charlie and Jake from Flight 462 were able to use their raft to help Alicia, Nick, Daniel, and Chris get back to the yacht. When they pulled up, Strand says there is no way in holy hell that they’re coming aboard. Travis seems to understand his reasoning, and knowing that there is no way to reason with Strand, he says that they’ll tow Charlie and Jake’s raft behind the yacht and drop them near San Diego.

It’s evident that Maddie and Travis are ashamed, but what else can they really do? This is where we start to see humanity fall apart because it’s not just Strand making the tough calls anymore. I think it’s becoming quite evident to our crew that the world just can’t work the same way anymore.

Oh, that’s not the biggest OMG moment, this is: Strand is pacing around, worried about towing the duo. Why exactly he’s freaking out this much about it, who really knows? Maddie watches Strand stroll onto the boat deck and cut the rope to the raft and then walk back inside, letting Charlie and Jake float away. #DAYUM

  • Can we trust Strand at this point? Is he being honest about the fortress in Baja and letting them come with him? Is he just using them to get where he needs to go? Is he going to somehow sell them out when they get wherever they are going? We need to know!
  • Is Ofelia going to make it, or will she be the first person we lose on the boat?
  • Will we ever see Jake and Charlie again?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c

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