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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 1×12 “Last Refuge”

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Last Refuge,” Aired April 21, 2016

Last night, on Legends of Tomorrow we got to see Baby Legends! The audience also received a glimpse into the team’s past. When I think about my past, I get nostalgic. When I get nostalgic, I look through my photo albums. So today, we will view the “Last Refuge” photo album!

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The CW
The CW

This is The Pilgrim. I remember the time when she tried to kill all of our Legends’  baby-selves. The Pilgrim kept traveling back to different time periods to try to kill them. Then, they incinerated her into dust. Good times!

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This is Baby Rory. Baby Rory accidentally killed his parents in a fire he started. What a terrible moment! Unfortunately, pictures must capture every moment.

At the end of the episode, Old Rory puts Baby Rory in his place. Old Rory tells Baby Rory to shape up and be a better man. (Basically, he scares the sh*t out of him!)

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This is Baby Sara. Oddly enough, Caity Lotz was the only one young enough to play a younger version of herself. They basically added bangs and put her in different clothes. In order to save their younger selves, the team had to kidnap them! For some reason, Sara saved her younger self even thought they weren’t supposed to cross their own timelines. Baby Sara gets to watch Old Sara kick a whole lot of ass. In the words of Rory: “She’s a badass!” We know Rory, we know.

Mr. Paul Blackthorne, Quentin Lance, guest starred in Sara’s past! I love all these Arrow crossovers!

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This is Baby Rip. The team hides the stolen children in Rip’s childhood home. (It turns out Rip was taken in by the time masters.) Rip lived as a refugee with other abandoned children. We get to meet his adopted mother and she is awesome!

It turns out Baby Rip will do anything to survive, including stabbing The Pilgrim. The Pilgrim tries to take his life and Baby Rip wasn’t having it!

It’s nice to have a photo of Baby Rip’s first kill. A good photo album catches all of a child’s “firsts.”

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We see a brief glimpse of Baby Jax and Baby Snart. They are legit babies and Kendra and Sara want to eat them right up!

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'Legends of Tomorrow' recap
The CW

Here is our team today. You always need a before and after photo!

What else did we learn?

  • Jax has never met his Dad.
  • Kendra and Ray got engaged.
  • Baby Rory tried to hit on Baby Sara. (They are teenagers!)
  • The team must go to 2166 to stop Vandal Savage.

What did you think? Did you love the “Last Refuge” album? Did you like the younger Legends? Wasn’t Baby Snart the cutest? Tune in next week, as we visit 2166!

Tune into Legends of Tomorrow Thursday nights at 8pm EST on The CW, and don’t forget to check out our Legends podcast and Legends coverage.

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