The best moments from Scandal’s “Till Death Do Us Part”

Season 5, Episode 18,”Till Death Do Us Part”, Aired April 21, 2016

Have you ever been on a roller coaster that made you super anxious but hoped would never end? Scandal was that ride on Thursday night.

 Jake and Command: the early years

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Believe it or not, Jake somehow upgraded fathers when he picked Command to be his daddy. His backstory was so bad, I was hoping it was a sick joke – it wasn’t. Jake’s upbringing was rough. His biological dad was the scum of the earth, Jake was in jail, and his sister hung herself. Their POS dad had been raping her for years. Again, it was bad.

Eli Pope took training very seriously and I’m really glad he’s a fake TV character. I’m also pretty shocked that Command could physically beat the sh!t out of Jake. I wonder if he’s one of those people with tubs of protein.

There was a point where Eli asked if Jake could hear his dad hurt his sister and I honestly cringed. Scandal writers did not sugar coat Jake’s childhood. Neither did Command who used this info to psychologically torture and manipulate a young Ballard.

We got a glimpse of the abuse B613 members underwent and why they’re so loyal to Eli. What’s interesting is Jake had the option of living a cookie-cutter life and he chose B613. Now, Jake’s technically going to live the perfect life but, it’s not really his choice. He’s following orders and trying to become VP. Side note: I bet $10 that if Edison and Jake win, Edison dies mysteriously within a few months.

Olivia’s almost happily ever-after

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Olivia was back at home which is weird because she definitely has her own home. However, Vanessa needs to check herself. The bride-to-be got angsty when Jake wanted to miss the intro to his engagement party to help Liv. Vanessa shouted, “Why is she even here?” and that rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, excuse you, does your dad own the house? No? Great. Please see yourself out.

Liv pretended to be drunk to get Jake to fess up the plans and his declaration KILLED me. He loves Liv with all of his heart. Liv and Jake decided he’d leave Vanessa at the altar. It was a good plan. Not a morally decent one but, a possible plan.

Too bad Eli/Command is on top of everything. Right before the wedding he got to Liv and threatened to slit Jake’s throat. Thanks to all the scenes of Command beating Jake to a pulp, I automatically knew he wasn’t kidding. I was so nervous because what if Olivia let Jake die just so her dad wouldn’t win? I was SO nervous, you guys.

Luckily, Olivia did the right thing and called off her plan to runaway with Jake. Unluckily, she was merciless. Livie straight up MURDERED Jake’s feelings. I was watching the episode with my friend and he was speechless during the entire scene. There should be a warning sign around Olivia that says, “Danger: Will reject by destroying your soul.” God help Jake bounce back from that roast.

J.Mo’s wedding

NGL, Jake and Vanessa had a decent wedding. P.s., Fitz was the best man. Plus, hundreds of diplomats and high-power movers and shakers attended. #nbd

For a moment, I was hoping that Jake wouldn’t say “I do.” He doesn’t love Vanessa and their wedding was pretty spur of the moment/a sham, but he did. I’m also trying to figure out why Vanessa was so okay with getting married so quickly. Either way, the deed is done and Olake fans were crushed.

May this wedding end in a divorce soon for both parties’ sakes.

“Till Death Do Us Part” was definitely on the crazier side of Scandal episodes and I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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