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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: The Navy Theory

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After last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead the Navy vet in me started thinking about the destruction of San Diego and the Naval base located there. Since we thankfully don’t have anything to tell us what is going to happen on this show, I came up with a theory of my own.

The Military and the Apocalypse

Season 1 of Fear had a pretty big military presence throughout the episodes. After the safe zones were set up we saw a few things happen that showed what the military was ramping up for. There was the flashlight in the house that Chris saw that ended in gunfire. Madison escaped the compound only to find bodies which had been shot along with the patrols of the soldiers who were taking out anything that moved.

It is clear that the military was trying to contain the situation as best as they could. It was a hopeless effort, of course, but they didn’t know that. Daniel releasing all of the people locked in the stadium didn’t help, but think of the reason behind locking those people in there: It was far easier to contain those infected in that area than to let out those who might be infected. In the end, it doesn’t matter though. The Army couldn’t hold back the waves of the undead so one last attempt was made to clear out the majority of the infected in the big cities. Napalm. Not exactly the humanely euthanized option that Corporal Adams mentioned in “Cobalt”.

We saw this happen in the first episode this season, but we also saw this happen in the original. In “Chupacabra”, we have the flashback of Shane and Lori watching Atlanta get firebombed. All of this took place around day +15-17. It isn’t hard to believe that this might have helped out somewhere else in the nation, so they tried it everywhere they could. Last ditch effort and such. Of course, we know it didn’t work but at least Rick didn’t have to deal with a million walkers when he went into Atlanta.

The Navy


The zombie virus bloomed out of control quickly, but it didn’t happen overnight – the military was ready; the government was ready. Precautions were sent around to key facilities like the hospital where Nick got his old man clothes.

Once everything started looking like it was going bad, the Navy would have pulled anchor from Naval Station San Diego then went to sea. Soldiers fight well on land; sailors fair much better on ships. As a Navy Vet, I can confirm this. San Diego is home port to approximately 50 ships and is one of the largest bases in the US Navy. With as many ships as they could get out to sea, the Navy could continue the blockade around the coast as they worked to contain the undead threat.

The seas is a home for the dead just as much as land is. Naval ships can limit the infections within their hauls by setting Material Condition Zebra. With this condition set, this grants the ship the greatest degree of subdivision and water tightness. Basically, walkers won’t make it anywhere on the ship.


Think of all the ships currently out there on the seas right now. Your typical cruise liner will hold around 3,000 people. A ship of the undead coming to ground near any settlement could prove disastrous. The only safe way is to take care of these ships before they head to the new base of operations for the government



In 2010, the population of Hawaii was 1.347 million people. The population of the United States was 309.3 million people. It would be far easier to head to the island to setup a new government. Pull up the ships, start with the smallest island and just clear them out as one at a time.


Now granted, this isn’t going to happen fast. It would take months to get everything clear, but it could be done. Park a few ships off shore of an island then set up something to draw the walkers to a location. Once you get a few hundred or thousand of them in the desired area fire a few big rounds down range or launch a missile or two at them and take them out. Like I said, it wouldn’t go fast but it could work. Eventually the Hawaii islands could be made safe – or as safe as you can make something in the zombie apocalypse.

Walking Dead was landlocked from the start. With Fear, there is an option that something like this could show up. In fact, I would like to say it already has with the ship that was tailing the Abigail and took out the sailboat.

Will we see more of the Navy in the future, or will any of my theories show up? Who knows. But with the Strand taking the ship south there is a good chance we won’t be heading to Hawaii.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c


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