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‘The 100’ review: 3×12 “Demons”


Season 3, Episode 12 “Demons”, Aired April 21, 2016

Wow. I have so many thoughts about this one! (Check out our 19 reactions to this ep!) Based on the previews, I was sure this would just be a random episode without much forward progress, but instead we got some major developments when Polis met the City of Light.

Even though they have been so scattered this season, it really feels like Clarke and her peeps fell right back into their old groove and it was glorious! I cheered a little when they were all packed in the rover reading Becca’s journal. They finally have a way to defeat ALIE and they have never been more united.

I was also very happy to see Raven being Raven again. She is beyond brilliant and now her brain is going to be what saves them all. If anyone can understand Becca’s work, it’s Raven. Her staying back to work on the code is great because it will give her time to recover. Monty will also get time to heal and accept that his mom won’t be back.

That convo between Monty and Clarke about the City of Light showed their shared worry. Destroying the City of Light snaps the chipped people back who are still physically alive, but what of the dead? I am still holding out hope that Lexa and Monty’s Mom will be there are they will get to say their goodbyes. That would be mean that Clarke and Monty would need to take the chip to get in there. Not sure how that would all go down, but it’s still my hope.


Ontari is enjoying her new power, even if it’s false. Jaha in Polis AND Emori was chipped. I did NOT see that curve ball coming. I was certain that something was up when Emori was in the Flame Keeper room. The way she spoke and the way she new about the tech and Becca made me wonder and then we found out she had been under ALIE’s control the whole time! Polis has fallen! Murphy remains the only sane one. I really hope he can get away and get to Clarke. He is the hundred’s biggest resource right now and needs to be Clarke and that squad.

I have to say, I was a little annoyed that the “demon” was Emerson but it worked. He was just a character that I was happy to forget but getting him out of the way was fine too. The “demon” moments in this were super cool and spooky though. The night vision, the scary music, his creepy grounder gear, that was all awesome. Clarke sticking the Flame on him was pretty bad-ass too. It’s cool that they have harnessed that power to their advantage. Not cool? Tying everyone up and making them watch as he almost choked Clarke.

Let’s talk about O. That girl has been so incredibly strong. In “Nevermore“, she was the one who said they needed to fight ALIE together and has really embraced her role on the team since then. She was understandably crushed when she went into Lincoln’s room to get the journal. I really liked the flip between her and Jasper. Jasper helping Octavia get through her loss is helping him heal from his. Did you notice how she kept looking at her brother? I think she wanted to go to him for comfort but her anger wouldn’t let her. She also didn’t want to stay at the funeral and be sad anymore. She is trying not to dwell on her emotions and is becoming more distant from the team. Did you notice how everyone else hugged goodbye (except Monty and Jasper) and O just walked straight to the rover?

Speaking of rover, Sinclair! That scene just ripped my heart out! Raven didn’t have any family but in that moment, it was so clear that Sinclair was her family. He has always looked out her. He has carried her when she was wounded and he cheered on her victories. He was so worried about Raven’s safety even as he was dying. It was so sad. RIP Sinclair.

“Stay in the rover, stay in the rover!” -Sweet, wonderful Sinclair

Clarke and Bellamy are right back to being the dynamic duo. Bellamy refused to go along with her plan to let Emerson kill her and they tried to work it out together, just like old times. I was a little surprised that Clarke trusted Bellamy with the Flame. I guess since she wasn’t around during his Pike craze so she didn’t see how far he had fallen. Also, did Clarke know about Lincoln? She didn’t seem too sad about that.

With Polis under ALIE’s control, I hope they find Luna soon! I would love a new group to join the mix. Jasper, Bellamy, Octavia and Clarke aren’t on good terms, so that car ride will be interesting. I am also hoping for a Bellamy/Clarke heart – to – heart soon. It’s overdue.

What did you think of this episode? Let’s discuss! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND check out our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps and polls!

RATING: 3.9 out of 5 stars!

May we meet again!

The 100 airs Thursday nights on The CW at 9/8c! 


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