‘Legends of Tomorrow’: The ships of our Legends

Legends of Tomorrow has developed into an amazing show, for many reasons. One of the biggest highlights of the show are the legendary ships. (Yeah, I went there!) Every episode is so jammed packed, that we hardly ever get to explore these ships. Whether it’s a romance, bromance, or womance, this show is full of great pairings. Let’s sound them off!


Ray Palmer and Kendra Saunders


Ray Palmer and Kendra Saunders are the couple that I need, but didn’t know that I wanted! Ray and Kendra’s tale, started out as many do. Ray found out Jax liked Kendra, so Ray decided to ask Kendra out. Although competitiveness is not a great color on Ray, it did give us some much needed feels. #AtomHawk (Someone give me a better ship name, please!) blossomed into a stable and loving couple. After being trapped in the 1950s for two years, these two have given us something to root for!

Leonard Snart and Sara Lance


Leonard Snart and Sara Lance are not a couple. However, if I was a gambling woman, I would bet any amount of money #CaptainCanary will give it a go eventually! (I still believe Nyssa and Sara are endgame!) Wentworth Miller and Caity Lotz’s chemistry readings are off the charts! I don’t think the writers knew what they were getting into with these two. Their pairing is funny, quirky, and alluring. Clearly, everyone noticed, because Sara and Leonard now have a million scenes together!

Mick Rory and Sara Lance


Before you all flip a lid, hear me out! I never saw #CanaryHeat as a ship before last week’s episode. Ever since Rory came back as Cronos, he has changed. He is calmer and more put together. Last week Sara and Rory had their first flirtation. They spoke of going shot to shot, then dug a little deeper.

Sara- “You’ve changed. You are different now.”

Rory- “Do you like it?”

Sara- “I’ll let you know.”

They drank, talked, and ultimately stumbled themselves into a ship. Keep an eye out for these two!

Rip Hunter and Sara Lance


Rip Hunter and Sara Lance, or #CanaryHunter, seems to be a popular ship for the writers. Rip and Sara are both damaged by the events in their lives. Rip races to stop his future and Sara runs away from her past. We have gotten many scenes between the two. But the question remains are they romantic or bromantic? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, #CanaryHunter look good in their formal wear!

What do you think? Do you ship #AtomHawk, #CaptainCanary, #CanaryHeat, or #CanaryHunter? Sound off in the comments. Tune in next week, as we explore, the bromances and womances of Legends of Tomorrow!


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