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The best Lydia Martin fashion from ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5

Lydia Martin – smart, popular, beautiful… who wouldn’t want to dress like this high school cream-of-the-crop? We all saw how much Lydia developed as a person through the seasons since she met Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski.

On the surface, she was shallow and spoiled, but that’s only because she was trying to hide her genius IQ! And that genius IQ extends into her fashion. Let’s take a quick peak at her best looks in Teen Wolf season 5.

  1. The Retro Good-Girl

Lydia gives us a solid throw-back with a retro inspired outfit. Her rust cardigan is paired with carmel wide legged pants in a perfect “good-girl” look. Paired with a pale lipstick, this look is the perfect casual addition to any school or work week.

  1. The Bold and Beautiful

It was nice seeing Lydia out of containment once again, with style on point. Lydia knows how to rock colors that flatter her skin tone and hair – we can all take note! This green cardigan shines and is able to stand out when paired with a simple sleeveless blouse and skinny jean combo.

  1. The Floral Fem

Lydia’s feminine take on “casual” features a floral blouse with a grey wool cardigan. Boots and denim shorts complete this look. Make sure to add a bronzer-blush to this look to add to the color palette. It’s no wonder Lydia’s not a stranger to dating with get-ups like this!

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Featured image: Spylight/MTV


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