15 Reasons Why ‘Angel’ Should Be Your Next TV Binge


Any Buffy fan will tell you how great Angel was. Even if you were Team Spike, there was no denying that Angel was a great dude and really came through for Buffy. For three seasons, he protected Buffy (not that she needed it). Their love wasn’t meant to be and I think that we all saw that coming. As a Buffy lover and a Spike girl, I was skeptical about starting Angel, but I am telling you that you NEED to watch it. Here are 15 spoiler-free reasons why it needs to be your next binge show!

1. Awkward Angel.

He is still super strong and a great leader but over in LA, Angel is super socially awkward and it’s delightful.


2. It’s darker.

Without giving away any spoilers, Angel feels like a more mature spin on the Buffyverse. There is some humor, but it doesn’t have that campy side that Buffy has. It’s much more dark.

3. Wesley Wyndam Pryce.

This is hands down the best character development EVER. Seriously. You won’t even believe the changes he goes through. Bonus: His relationship with Fred.

4. Faith.

She pops over to Angel in some awesome cross-over episodes and they dynamic is so much different when she doesn’t have to compete with Buffy.

5. Bad-ass Cordy.

She is no ditz on Angel. She learns to fight and ends becoming a HUGE asset at Angel Investigations.

6. This.

7. The cross-overs.

Yep, these Buffy cross-overs will rip your heart out.

8. More of the Fanged Four.

On Angel, they dive into all of the rich backstory of how Angel, Darla, Spike and Dru all came to be who they are. The story is much more complex than we originally thought.

9. Demon Karaoke.

It sounds weird, but it’s wonderful. Lorne (pictured below) can see people’s futures but it only works when he hears them sing. Bonus: Angel sings Barry Manilow when he needs some guidance and it’s epic.



You never would have thought to put these two together but they just work. She is just silly enough to open him up and he always believes in her, which she needs. It just works and its adorbs.

11. Dimension travel.

They visit another dimension (where Lorne is from). The demons there make Cordy their Queen and it’s hilarious.


12. Jealous Angel.

Cordy meets a man in the other dimension and he returns with them. Angel hates him but we all know its because he doesn’t want anyone with his Cordy.


13. Spike and Angel!

On Buffy, we learned that they had a past but on Angel you get to see those flashbacks! They even throw in some fun hints about their relationship (looking at you Spangel shippers!).


14. Spike, Spike, Spike!

Later in Angel‘s run, Spike becomes a more prominent fixture. He is still his snarky self but there is a little more exploration of his character on Angel, making him even more complex.


15. They stray a little but they finish strong.

I won’t lie. There are some moments that will make you say WTF (not in a good way) but this show is worth the watch. And the ending is worth the weird story-line towards the end.

While you watch, check in with us in the comments or hit us up on Twitter! We want to hear all of your Angel thoughts!

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Meg Bonney

Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

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