‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: Episode 2×02, “We All Fall Down”

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “We All Fall Down,” Aired Apr 17, 2016

While reviews of the season 2 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead were mixed, the second episode more than makes up for whatever people thought the first one was lacking. It was actually so messed up and shocking, that we had a hard time watching it toward the end. Guys, that sh*t was sad.

After “We All Fall Down,” we’re more excited than ever to see what the future holds for this group. We can already foresee all the crazy character development that’s about to happen.

Let’s dive in.

Making new friends

'Fear the Walking Dead' recap
Richard Foreman/AMC

After having a conversation about the fact that San Diego has been obliterated, Strand points out that there’s a large, fast, and probably not-so-friendly boat tailing them. The only way to lose them is to head ashore. They pick out a spot on the map, and when they head there, they see a house that turns their lights on. Signaling or mistake?

Approaching the house (because at this point, most people’s humanity is still in tact), they meet a sweet family—a mom, dad, two sons, and daughter. The oldest son is instantly wary of Travis, Madison, and the rest of the gang, which means he might have a chance of surviving this whole thing. Trust no one!

Nick immediately bonds with the little boy, which is the cutest f**king thing we’ve ever seen. Chris is still sulking about his mom—okay, we get it already! Madison and Travis are talking to the mother and father and sensing that something is a little off with them.

As it turns out, the mother tells Madison that she is ill and knows that the family needs to leave to survive, and she admits purposefully turned the lights on to signal them. But she knows her husband will never leave and wants Madison to take her two young kids with them on the boat and keep them safe.

Oh snap GIF

Dayum, that’s a pretty crazy thing to ask. It just goes to show the desperation of these people. Things get even more sketchy when Nick makes a startling discovery …

Call him Jim Jones

'Fear the Walking Dead' recap
Richard Foreman/AMC

While Nick is playing with the little boy, the boy talks about his “special pills” that will help his family stay together forever. Umm … what? Come to find out (thanks to Nick’s expertise in the drug and pill department), the dad is planning on Jonestowning the whole family should that ever be necessary. Can we really blame the dad? I don’t know. That’s pretty extreme, but these are pretty extreme times.

Nick takes the information to Madison and Travis and decide they need to do something. Madison and the mom agree to sneak the two little ones out of the house and onto the boat for a short “boat ride” without the dad knowing. That is fifty shades of f**ked up, even if the mom is desperate. Of course the dad finds out and flips his shit. None of it really matters though, because those kids are never setting sail with our gang.

Holy. Sh*t.

'Fear the Walking Dead' recap
Richard Foreman/AMC

While all the hoopla is going on about shipping the kids off, the little boy shows up and says that his little sister “took her pill.” Yeah, that means she’s dead. When everyone rushes upstairs, she is already turning into a zombie. The mom holds her baby girl in her arms even though she probably knows what’s about to happen (who could blame her?), and the daughter bites the mother.

Then, the father insists that he’s staying with the mom and tells Travis and Madison to take the little boy with them STAT. But when they get aboard the boat and convince a hesitant Strand that the kid is coming with them, the elder brother pops up with a gun and demands his little bro back. This might not be what’s best for the boy, but who can freaking blame the brother? He doesn’t even know these people and he’s probably panicking!

They’re forced to give him the boy, and as the brothers walk back up the dock, their zombie mother comes strolling toward them. The brother has the little boy turn around and wave goodbye as he shoots the mom in the head. Color us depressed.

Sad Ben Affleck GIF

Listen, I know this show (and The Walking Dead) are supposed to be super f**cked up, but this was downright hard to watch. It was the first time with the show that we felt physically pained by what was going on. This family was so desperate and it highlighted the reality of what this situation would be like if it were real. It also highlighted one of the main themes of both Fear and the original show—is there any right or wrong in this world anymore, or is it all just grey area?

Strand’s the man with a secret plan

'Fear the Walking Dead' recap
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Hey there, Strand, what are you up to? Daniel finds evidence that Strand is planning on heading to Mexico and he also doesn’t think this is Strand’s boat. We later see Strand making a mysterious phone call to someone, telling them that he’ll ‘be there.’

What the actual French toast is he up to? While we don’t know if he’s being totally honest, we still think he has the group’s best interests at heart … or does he?

Evil Mr. Burns GIF

Next week, we’ll see Madison confront Strand about where he’s really taking them and why.

What did YOU think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us all your inklings over on Twitter at @Pure_Fandom.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c

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