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‘The 100’ review: 3×11 “Nevermore”


Season 3, Episode 11 “Nevermore”, Aired April 14, 2016

Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door! Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.” – Edgar Allan Poe

GIVE THIS GIRL AN EMMY! I was absolutely blown away by this episode. Raven (Lindsey Morgan) SLAYED this from start to finish. Really, her entire run on this show has been amazing, but that episode was next level.

Jasper’s PTSD seemed to hit him harder this week. Obviously, he wasn’t healed yet, but his trauma seemed to be becoming easier for him to manage or maybe it was that he wasn’t focusing on anything but the safety of Raven. Jasper confronting Clarke was very gratifying. She did what she needed to do to save her people but it had a horrific consequence, specifically regarding her friendship with Jasper. I understand why he blames her. I was hoping for a more healing moment for him, but it did seem like he was shocked when Clarke apologized. Maybe that moment with her, even if he didn’t accept it, can serve as a bit of closure of him. Also, Devon Bostick nailed it. Every single bit of emotion, anger, worry, grief he displayed while working through this PTSD was perfect. Well done!

Another reason I feel like Jasper will be able to move on? He tends to put his friend’s hearts first. His was the heaviest for a while but now that Monty had to kill his mother to save Octavia and then moments later learned that they could have saved her, Jasper will need to be there to help him heal. It is a long road but they will get back there.

Raven confronting each person was hard to watch but made for some powerful moments. The Bellamy confrontation was particularly stinging. Raven attacked every vulnerable part of Bellamy, all while he tried to stay stoic and strong. I also got the sense (because of the way ALIE was looking at Raven) ALIE seemed like even she was surprised at the harshness of Raven’s words. Jasper even laid into Bell a bit.

“When you’re angry, people die.” – Jasper

Everyone has been very hard on Bellamy (rightfully so) and Clarke (maybe less rightful with her) but hopefully with this renewed sense of unity, they can all start to heal. Bringing the team back together and having Octavia stay was the best move this season. Octavia suggesting that they stick together and end ALIE was extra great because she has been feeling like she doesn’t belong but it’s so clear now. She belongs with them. She belongs with her brother.

“You’re one of the hundred.” -Monty

I also loved the subtle moments between Clarke and Bellamy. These two with their glances and wound mending. Gah! Clarke is far from over her loss of Lexa. Her yelling that Lexa was in the Flame was heartbreaking and Bellamy hasn’t really faced any of his grief. I think that the best way to get Bellamy and Clarke to heal is to have them joining the team together and leading them on this mission. They are at their best when they have a goal like this.

I am so happy to have the team back together! This new mission and story makes me so happy! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this moment right after they decide to take on ALIE.

“Let’s gank this bitch” – Octavia (if she was actually Dean Winchester)

I am also still holding out hope that Clarke will get to talk to Lexa in the City of Light, knowing that the team knows how bring Clarke back. I want Lexa’s spirit to help save them in the City of Light. THAT is how she should go out, as the bad – ass hero who saves them all, even if it’s just her memories in a computer chip.

They got Raven back! YAY! I was getting nervous.

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RATING: 4.3 out of 5 stars!

May we meet again!

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Meg Bonney

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