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This ‘Fuller House’ parody video is hilarious

I’m guessing that by now you’ve either read 100+ reviews of Fuller House or you’ve seen it yourself, so I figured we could enjoy a good parody.

This video was one of the funniest and most family friendly videos I could find. The YouTube channel ‘New RockStars’ uploaded the video almost a year ago and it’s still hilarious. They took the old Full House theme song and subbed in lyrics that better reflect what’s occurred in the actors’ real lives over time. I loved it.

As for Fuller House, I found that it was pretty cute and very nostalgic in an obvious way. I love TV and grew up with Full House reruns so, I enjoyed going through the new series.

If you’re looking for breakthrough television, Fuller House is not your show. They focus on capitalizing upon the best parts of Full House. In other words, it’s a lot of old stuff coming back decades later. It is adorable, though. Plus, the fashion is definitely more modern than the ’90s. I do want to say that I appreciate both Fuller House and its predecessor for incorporating some diversity. Fuller House had a bomb-ass episode that included Indian culture and I personally thought their Indian dance moves were on point.

I hope y’all enjoyed this parody!

If you found a better parody video, please comment below with the link! I’d love to see it! If you have any thoughts/want to discuss Fuller House, tweet me: @SuryaCherian.

All episodes of Fuller House season 1 can be found on Netflix. A Fuller House season 2 has been confirmed.

(image: Netflix)


Surya Cherian

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