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‘The Vampire Diaries’: A look back at Damon Salvatore and his best moments

We’ve got some bad news. According to Zap2It, Ian Somerhalder has confirmed that he’ll be leaving The Vampire Diaries after season 8. I don’t think anyone’s ready for a Damon-less life but, c’est la vie. The CW hasn’t said if season 8 is TVD‘s last but, it seems so. Ian has portrayed Damon Salvatore since TVD‘s first episode. 7 years of handsome hunkyness in the form of vivid blue eyes and raven black hair have graced our TV screens. So what do we do? We get nostalgic.

TVD expert Zina Nouhas and I made this post to appreciate everything that is Damon Salvatore.

Damon as the biggest pain in Stefan’s ass

Damon Salvatore is gorgeous, bad, and devious. If there’s chaos, he’s probably around the corner. Most likely in a bar drinking top-shelf bourbon, #bless.

Damon has done everything from beating Stefan up to teasing his hero hair. But, no matter what, the Salvatores can always count on each other. Their bond is strong and one of the most heartwarming aspects of TVD.

Rebekah Mikaelson explained them best when she said, “The Salvatores may fight like dogs but in the end they would die for each other.”

Here’s one of my favorite Defan moments:

Damon when he finally got the girl

Delena is one of the biggest and sexiest things about TVD. Damon pined for Katherine for 100+ years but, she’s nothing compared to Elena. Damon fell madly in love with his brother’s girlfriend and one day the TVD writers gave him some luck/the girl. He was happy. Elena brought out the best in Damon and it was beautiful. There were too many great Delena scenes so, Zina and I figured a video montage was best.

#TBT, to Delena’s first date with Damon making mental notes of Elena’s food preferences for their five year anniversary. Delena is the epitome of his own quote, “You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger.” Damon Salvatore: ruining boyfriend expectations since 1864.


Now, I’ll be handing the mic over to Zina!

Bamon aka the ultimate BFF goals

Damon and Bonnie’s friendship may not have been one we could have originally predicted, but it’s a pretty damn amazing relationship that we all ship to this very day. Their friendship developed greatly after both of them were banished into Kai-atory after the Other Side fell apart and became destroyed. After going through a traumatic experience like that, it’s no surprise these two swiftly became BFF’s. Basically, since then, Damon and Bonnie’s relationship has grown immensely which certainly makes this scene a very memorable moment!

In Season 6, episode 1, “I’ll Remember”, we all finally got to see what the hell happened to them while they were on the Other Side. Were they sobbing over missing their loved ones? Or, crying over the fact they have been sucked into oblivion? NOPE! The pair seemed to be living life to the fullest! Damon was swoon-worthy while wearing that red flannel as he whipped up some pancakes for his BFF, Bonnie.

The bromance of the century feat. Dalaric

Damon and Alaric’s friendship (Dalaric) is one of my all-time favorite friendships to ever come out of the show. Even though things started off tense – since Damon kinda hooked up with his previous wife, Isobel, their friendship blossomed into something great. In times of need, Damon turned to his best buddy, Ric. When Alaric first died seasons ago, it hit Damon hard.

The graveyard scene when Damon goes to visit Ric after they all send off lanterns to remember those who they lost, had me sobbing for hours straight. Damon gave a heartwarming speech about how much he missed him, and how much it hurt being left alone with “a hole in [his] life where that somebody that you cared about used to be”. Obvs Damon was making a reference to his BFF, Ric. So when we saw Ric’s ghost in the background with him responding, “I miss you, too, buddy,” it just broke me. Even thinking of it now brings back tears.

In the end, Damon Salvatore has brought a lot of emotions to The Vampire Diaries. We’ll miss him, and we wish Ian the best. His exit may signal the end of TVD, which is sad but, not unexpected.

We asked the other Pure Fandom writers what they thought and Courtney Robinson said, “[I] Will miss this show with all of the wonderful characters. The last two seasons felt like a rebirth of sorts after several shaky ones. The ensemble cast has been fantastic the past two seasons, reminding me what I love about this show.” Meg Bonney replied, “I will miss it, but I think it’s time.”

It’s definitely heartbreaking, but at least we have another season to look forward to.

If you have any questions/thoughts, comment below! If you’d like to talk to Zina or I, tweet us @OhMyZinaa or @SuryaCherian! We love discussing with other fans!

The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW on Fridays at 8/7c.

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