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Man Crush Monday: Get to know Jeffrey Dean Morgan

I was saving this week’s pick for #MCM for the Monday immediately following The Walking Dead’s season finale. After that whopper of an episode, I needed some time to process (no spoilers here) everything that happened. With time and some distance, I present my Man Crush Monday nom from way back, Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Big Daddy Winchester.

For realsies. Over the years I have referred to the man exclusively as JDM or Big Daddy Winchester because in the world of Supernatural, this lovely man and his TV wife gave us Sammy and Dean Winchester. Look at those faces.


Whether it’s the silver screen or television, JDM has been one of the hardest working men alive. That dude has done it all. Whether he was romancing Grey’s Izzie Stevens as lovable heartbreaker, Denny Duquette, or teaching his boys the family business in Supernatural.


Recently, JDM has stepped into two memorable roles. Last week, we finally saw him in action as Negan on The Walking Dead. Semi-spoiler … he was equal parts terrifying and sexy as hell. Well, maybe the sexy as hell was more pronounced (clearly, I have problems). That smile tho.

More than that, the man has this presence and gravitas that can fill a room. Again … that smile tho. *hearteyes*


Maybe it was the fact that I’d just spent the week bingeing the most recent season of The Good Wife where he plays Jason Crouse. I can’t be the only one who wanted to jump through the screen any time he smiled or engaged with *spoiler* for some sexytimes.


One Tree Hill alum, Hilarie Burton is one lucky lady. JDM is her real-life hubby. With Lucifer’s Tom Ellis at a super close second place, Big Daddy Winchester is for sure my MVP and longest enduring #MCM to date.

Morgan’s other recent credits include the revitalized, but too little, too late second season of CBS’s The Extant. He also recently played the role of Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, and we all know how that ends for the Thomas Waynes of all our Batman films. Badly. He starred as Joe DiMaggio in TV mini, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. For a while, he played the lead in Starz’ Magic City.

The man has been around forever, and these days, he’s popping up everywhere you look. That’s not a complaint. The man gets even better with age.

Watching him on The Good Wife, I’m wishing that this was anything but the last season for that show. I’m resigned to loving him on TWD even though I just know he’s going to do some bad things. Not a spoiler. I am nowhere near caught up on the comics, I just know it. He’ll do something horrifying and then smile that sexy ass grin, and I’ll be like … okay, bae.

What say you? Can JDM win you over just with that smile and those warm eyes? Who wins your vote for Man Crush Monday? Hit the comments and let me know!


Cort Robinson

A lover of words and moving pictures, I'm a fangirl from way back. Seriously—I grew up watching Daytime TV from my granny's knee. It was Knots Landing over Dynasty, and BtVS over pretty much everything else. I watch entirely too much television and am quite happy sitting in an empty movie theater on a rainy day. And if we’re talking bromances, there's no bromance quite like the Winchesters. Cort has been writing since she can remember and podcasting for nearly 10 years with @bradzb. Be sure to check us out our "Brad and Cort Talk" interviews and recaps. Also, join in the conversation over at our "Brad and Cort Talk" FB group.

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