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‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 will be Kira Yukimura-less

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Aaand another one bites the dust. Following exits from leads: Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, and Tyler Hoechlin, Arden Cho is the latest on an evergrowing list of departures from Teen Wolf. You can’t keep taking away my faves from me, Teen Wolf!

If you’ve been following the show’s latest season though, this won’t exactly come as a surprise. Kira’s storyline with the Skinwalkers picked up again in the finale when she left Scott and Beacon Hills to focus on controlling her Kitsune with their help. While this left things open for Kira’s eventual return, Arden Cho confirmed in a video yesterday that she wouldn’t be coming back to the show.

To be fair, Kira is a character that was more interesting in theory than in realization. Her introduction in season 3B, along with her family and ancestry promised an interesting road but unfortunately the show didn’t succeed on transforming that potential into actual interest. In the seasons that followed, Kira felt more like a prop and a love-interest than anything else. Which is a shame, since she and Scott had about as much chemistry as a spoon and a pigeon.

Still, Kira was an important addition and the fact that the showrunners fail to see why giving their lead actors meaty material and actual storylines is more important than setting up the next generation people barely care about (yes, I’m talking about you Liam, Hayden, all those Chimera kids whose names I’ve already forgotten) is, um, worrying. With Season 6 not only losing Kira but most likely being extremely light on any Stiles presence, things aren’t looking too encouraging right now.

Seriously. If the excuse for Stiles not being in season 6 is anything other than “he got a full ride to Yale, early admission”, I will riot. Knowing Teen Wolf, it’s more likely to be along the lines of “he got kidnapped/almost died/is possessed again” but a girl can hope.

Anyway, let’s take a stroll down nightmare memory hill lane and focus on a few of Kira’s best moments!

5. Kira’s introduction in season 3B started with an endearing storyline of being constantly embarassed by her well-meaning dad, and it was adorable. Whether by inviting the guy she liked over without asking her, or revealing in front of the class that she hadn’t made friends yet, Kira’s self-consciousness was refreshing and entirely relatable.

It’s okay honey, sometimes I want to head-desk too.

4. It was revealed after a few episodes that Kira wasn’t just the quirky girl next door, she was the quirky -I have a fox made of fire and dark spirits surrounding me at all times- girl next door. Perfect fit for Beacon Hills!

3. Speaking of parties, remembers these iconic dance moves with Malia?

2. Dancing (under the moonlight, with Scott too sometimes) wasn’t all Kira did though, and her badass side came in real handy when a Kanima suddenly popped up and attacked everyone. Again.

Kira slashed that Kanima’s tail and saved the day.

1. It wasn’t all slashing tails and wielding swords though. As her powers got stronger, they also became harder to control, to the point where Kira couldn’t trust herself around others, leaving her at her most vulnerable.

Until we meet again, Fox Girl.

What were your favorite Kira moments? And how do you feel about the show losing yet another female character?




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