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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 premiere recap: 2×01 “Monster”

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 premiere: “Monster”, Aired April 10, 2016

Meet your recappers Liz and Lindi in the short video below (seriously, it’s only a minute) then check out the recap!

Alright, guys. We know that Fear isn’t loved as much as our beloved The Walking Dead (yet), but we have to admit – this premiere was pretty kick ass. Coming off of OK-reviews from season 1, the second season premiere didn’t disappoint. We saw high tensions, big decisions, the foundation for some killer character development, PLUS water-walkers (zombies-at-sea? wet-walkers? soggy-zombies? OK we’re done.)

Here are the highlights of the episode and why you should stick with the show this season (other than the fact that you’ll get your The Walking Dead-fix in until season 7. Seriously who TF died?!)

The Decisions

Queue the feels! Who else got major Walking Dead vibes when we saw our crew (no pun intended) deal with whether or not to help the survivors screaming on the small boat? Of course, Alicia and Madison are game to turn Strand’s boat around and help, but Travis is surprisingly hesitant. He fields pushback from Alicia by assigning her radio duty (we’ll get to that in a minute) and has a heated chat with Madison in one of the cabins. She already tried to get Strand to help the screaming people at sea, but he of course pushes forward without hesitation. Whether he has ulterior motives he’s not sharing with the group or not (another thing we’ll get to in a minute), he’s right, according to Travis.

Per Travis, they have to worry about their core group and family. Who knows if someone on the boat was sick? Or a psychopath? They were lucky enough to have found Strand and his resources; they have to focus on that. Welcome to the new world.

Character Development

Who else is already mapping out our characters’ journeys? Nick is obviously going to become the Carol of the apocalypse on the west coast. He had an odd chat with Strand about his addiction, and Strand claims he gets his fearlessness from it, which was an interesting comparison. Nick does (did?) drugs knowing that he could die, but he did it anyways without thinking about the consequences. We see Nick act like this when he jumps into the water after Chris, and again when he sees wreckage nearby and thinks he hears someone screaming.

Another interesting development is Daniel. He’s starting to trust Travis and not his own angry judgement. He tells Travis that he envies the mercy he gave his ex-wife (remember how he shot her in the head in the season 1 finale?) and that he wished he would have given that mercy to his wife. Travis is totally the Rick of the Fear crew. He’s already making the tough decisions, unlike Rick did in the beginning. However, had Rick not been in a coma and dealt with the initial shock of the apocalypse would he have acted just like Travis? #FearForThought

Is Chris the new Carl?

Stay on the boat, Chris! (Ah, we can’t wait for those memes to emerge.) Chris, we get it. Your mom died. She asked your dad to shoot her, and you need to chill TF out. As soon as he jumped into the water in his emo-hoodie and joggers, we immediately shook our heads.


And the way he threw his mom into the water?! GTF over yourself, Chris. That was your mom’s body – you know, the same one you were creepily cradling in your cabin hours earlier? We can’t wait to see how this plays out. Maybe they’ll come across a tub of pudding and he’ll realize how much of a pain he’s being. Nobody has time for your angst, Chris!

Alicia, get the f**k off the radio.

Alicia, Jack is not your long-lost love. Jack is the equivalent of an internet creeper, trolling the radio waves for a dumbass teenager to give him clues as to where they are. 99% sure he faked his “panic” radio call to her so she’d tell him which direction Strand’s boat was in. As soon as he said, “don’t worry … see you soon,” we did this again.


We know these guys are newbs in this new world, but we’re riding on six years of f**king expertise. We’ve beaten Governors, cannibals, and Mike-Tyson’d a dude. Someone get Alicia a babysitter and Chris some pudding.


  • Is “Jack” and whoever he is the cause of the wreckage our crew came across, and are they coming for Travis, Strand, and Co.?
  • Does Strand have ulterior motives? Why is he so desperate to get to San Diego? He’s starting to panic and he’s not sleeping at all.
  • Did we get romantic vibes from Ofelia and Nick?

Sound off with your comments below!


Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c. Get a full recap of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 to see who from the commercial-show will join the series!

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