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‘Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462’: Episodes 9-16 recap

Please bring your seat backs and walkers to the upright position as the Captain prepares to crash the airplane! The adventure will continue once the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the passengers can move about the cabin but there is a good chance that they won’t be moving very well.

We have finally made it to the end of the Flight 462 saga after a long 16 episodes. That is a whole 14:29 minutes that we have spent onboard the doomed flight. While having having one episode premier during a commercial break during each Walking Dead episode might have sounded like a good idea to start with it might not have panned out well. In a world where people DVR most shows many people were just fast forwarding through the commercials and missed the episodes. I was looking for the episodes and managed to miss them a few times over the course of the season.

In case you missed them all, we went back and got all the dirty details for you. Check it out!

Who Might Survive

One thing that we do know from this series is that one of the passengers will survive to join up with the Fear the Walking Dead core group. Throughout the series the episodes have focused mostly on Jake (Brendan Meyer), the lone teenager and Charlie (Michelle Ang), the mysterious woman who knows an awful lot. With everything that has happened, not to mention that exchange between the two in part 15, my money is on Charlie being the one to continue onto the television series.

Why Charlie, you ask? The answer is really simple: This woman knows things. Charlie has more knowledge of what is going on than anyone else has shown in the Flight 462 series as well as more knowledge than anyone in the FtWD series did at this point of the uprising. She knows what happens when you are bitten, plus she also knows that destroying the brain is the thing to stop the undead. Charlie has the skills along with the knowledge to survive in this new world.

Jake, on the other hand, really doesn’t have much to offer. Sure, he was fast at getting the crochet needle for Charlie, but that is pretty much it. With episode 15 it is pretty clear that he knows his parents are most likely dead, and that he will be joining them soon. Add in the amount of teenagers in the cast already and it is easy to see why Jake won’t be joining them. Of course, if this show was on The CW that would be a different story. That being said, it appears these two have bounded somewhat on the plane. I don’t see Charlie leaving him or Jake leaving her – unless the other is dead.

One thing that will need to be explained is how this survivor manages to survive. In the last part Nick sees the plane before it crashes. Depending on when the plane departed this survivor would need to stay alive for at least 10 days before the FtWD group shows up.

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Let’s recap episodes 9-16.

Part 9

Walker Marcus just wants to give his wife a huge but she manages to get away from him. Marshall Anthony is able to get Walker Marcus into the bathroom with the help of Deidre and Charlie but it isn’t without incident. Deidre has been bitten. Sadly the plane does not come equipped with an emergency amputation machete.

Part 10


Marshal Anthony grabs a first aid kit to help Deidre out but Charlie is quick to inform him that she needs to be restrained since she will end up like Marcus. Deidre doesn’t take that news very well. After Anthony asks Deidre instruct the pilot to land we find out that the lights are going out in the other cities and there is nowhere to land. Not something that you want to hear when you are on a large airliner.

Part 11


Suzanne just wants to see her husband again but also is convinced that he is just sick. She tries to get Anthony to help but when he doesn’t help she tries to open the door only to have Charlie stop her.

Part 12


In an attempt to regain order Anthony tells everyone who has moved to the back of the plane to take their seats. Suzanne is convinced that Marcus is dying then with a flick of the switch the door is open freeing Walker Marcus who immediately goes for her throat. The rest of the plane has that moment of shock as they watch Suzanne get her throat ripped out. Pulling out his gun Marshall Anthony starts shooting Walker Marcus in the chest which doesn’t do anything. As Charlie yells at him to shoot Marcus in the head, because she is smart and knows things, Anthony runs out of bullets.

Part 13


Charlie jumps into the fight only to have Walker Marcus fall on top of her but she does know better than to offer up her throat as tribute. While she is trying to get away the only other person on the plane who has listened to her heads up to aisle to grab a crochet needle from Connie’s bag. Upon Jake’s return he hands over the needle Flight 462’s expert zombie killer who proceeds to shove it into his brain. With Marcus dead for the second time everyone has a moment to relax. Not long though since one of the bullets just happened to hit the window.

Part 14

As Deirdre is tending to Suzanne she tells Charlie that she is dying. Without missing a beat Charlie finishes Suzanne’s dying process by planting the crochet needle into her head. This takes everyone by surprise causing Anthony to say she just killed Suzette. Charlie says that she “saved” her but doesn’t add in that she most likely saved a few more lives on the plane by doing that. Deirdre cries over Suzanne’s body as she most likely is just coming to terms as to what is going to happen to her. There isn’t much time for anyone to really take it in before the window shatters.

Part 15

Everyone knew this plane couldn’t fly forever and now with a missing window it is time to get back to the ground the hard way. Charlie helps Jake to a seat then puts his oxygen mask on first. See, Charlie even pays attention to the preflight announcements. Once they are seated she informs Jake that she was the one who took the last seat on the plane which was supposed to go to his mom. Jake says that she is probably with his dad then Charlie says he’ll be with them soon.

Part 16

Way back in episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead Nick is busy trying to score some morphine, ahhh the good ole days, when he see the airliner in distress. We flash back to the plane where Deirdre has accepted that she isn’t going to live long in this series while. Charlie and Jake hold hands awaiting the plane crash. Nick watches the plane as it is heading down for a crash landing.

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