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Podcast: Brad and Cort Talk ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 1×09, “Left Behind”

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow picks up immediately where viewers were left hanging over the short hiatus. Ray, Kendra, and Sara were literally stuck in the past for several years. Rip and Firestorm make their way back to rescue their stranded team members, but not before Captain Cold is carried off to parts unknown by that pesky Cronos. That guy seriously does not give up. Of course, we find out the exact reason for the bounty hunters dogged determination when it comes to tracking down the Waverider.

Listen in as Cort and Brad discuss the very cool reveal about the man behind Cronos’ mask … or helmet is more apt. Mask sounds better, though. Sara’s trip to the past lands her in some very familiar places for those of us who also watch CW’s Arrow. What did you think about the introduction of Talia al Ghul into the CW Multiverse? Happy to see this version of Ra’s back on your screen. Great use of the character. Honestly, wouldn’t have minded him taking Vandal’s place as the series’ big bad. Perhaps we’ll see him again down the road.

Hit play and then the comments to let us know what you thought of this week’s episode, “Left Behind.” Where does it rate for you in relation to previous episodes? Were you rooting for White Canary or Hawkgirl during that battle? Can Mick be redeemed?

Tune into Legends of Tomorrow Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW, and tune into ‘Brad and Cort Talk’ each week for new Legends podcasts. 

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Cort Robinson

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