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8 Happy GIFs To Comfort You After ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale

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Shhhh, don’t worry. No zombies. No trouble. No drama. No annoyingly grim cliffhangers.

Just happy, comforting and smile provoking GIFs to help you sleep after that explosive The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale. For your actual zombie – filled coverage, head over to the our The Walking Dead Fandom Page because here it’s just sunshine and rainbows.

Neagan? Nope, it’s sleepy cats!


Stress? No, just a tiny little pig!


Running from Saviors? Not this fella! He’s jumpin’ for joy!


What’s that? A walker? Nope! Just a sweet baby otter and his sweet otter mama. 


A barb wired bat? No, it’s friendship!


OMG! There are walkers blocking the road! Just kidding, it’s a baby elephant.


Care Bears?!?!


And when all else fails, John Stamos:


There. Now don’t you feel better? No? Scroll back up.

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The Walking Dead will be back this fall! 


Meg Bonney

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