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Spielberg and sci-fi fans unite! According to CinemaBlend, Steven Spielberg is working on a much-anticipated new movie: the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s popular YA, Sci-fi novel, Ready Player One. This has been an ongoing development for years – it was given a movie deal before it was even published, back in 2011. And, fans of the novel can’t wait to see this dystopian, high-tech digital era brought to life on the big screen.

It’s a positive sign that fans of the book all hail Spielberg and say he is the man for the job. His particular influence over the film industry back in the 80’s will help drive the 80’s pop-culture vibe that this story emulates. In fact, Spielberg himself is often referenced within the novel. Although this movie won’t be released until 2018, we thought we’d give you a heads up on developments, so far.


Set in 2044, this story exists within a crumbling yet technically advanced dystopia. Climate change and overpopulation are strong themes, which both help to convey images of a dirty, dull, deteriorating and overcrowded world. The economy seems to have crumbled and many are incredibly poor; the poorest live in “the Stacks”, which are precarious towers constructed of tethered mobile homes. A depressing reality forces the entire population to become absorbed in virtual reality. In fact, they often spend most of their time in the virtual space, known as the OASIS. Within which exists schools, work, shopping centers, restaurants, recreational complexes and, of course, video games.

Our main character is 15-year-old Wade Owen Watts and his entire life is the OASIS, i.e. he has never experienced the world before virtual reality was developed. The creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, dies at the beginning of the novel and with no heirs to inherit his fortune/company. Halliday, therefore, chooses to integrate a huge puzzle in the form of a hidden ‘Easter Egg’ within the OASIS.

In order to find the Easter Egg, ‘gunters’ (Easter Egg Hunters) need to find three keys that unlock three gates scattered throughout the OASIS. The clues lie in 80’s pop-culture riddles – the era Halliday was most fascinated by. The winner of Halliday’s Easter Egg hunt automatically gains ownership of OASIS and all of his riches. Upon the reveal of this puzzle, the entire world – particularly the younger generation –become obsessed with the hunt. The new world, also, revives a love of 80’s pop-culture as a secondary result. The story follows Wade on his quest for the Easter Egg and, in the process, reveals a lot about the state of a world consumed by virtual reality.

For most 80’s loving nerds, this film will be one big nostalgic trip into the future. This tale does set up scenes filled with interesting contrasts: the 80’s basically saw the first computer tech. Boom, whilst virtual reality is something we still consider an outlandish futuristic concept, despite real and present developments in the field. Ready Player One will be this century’s cinematic prophecy.


So far, the cast includes the following: Tye Sheridan, in the role of the protagonist Wade; Olivia Cooke will play Samantha Evelyn Cook/Art3mis, who is Wade’s love interest; Simon Pegg is set to portray Ogden Morrow, Co-creator and public/business face of OASIS (the Wozniak to Halliday’s Steve Jobs); Ben Mendelsohn will be taking on the role of  Nolan Sorrento, the high-ranking official of IOI (an internet service provider intent on finding the Easter Egg, claiming OASIS and pushing a more monetary angle).

Release Date

Ready Player One will hit cinemas March 28, 2018 (pushed forward from Dec 2017, in order to avoid a potentially damaging clash with Star Wars Episode VIII). So, if you’re now desperate to read the book before seeing the film, don’t worry you have plenty of time to read this short 374 paged novel.


Let us know if the comments if you’ve read Ready Player One or if you’ve heard the film adaptation news!How excited you are to see this virtual reality take full form on the big screen?!

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