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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 1×09 “Left Behind”

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap, Season 1, Episode 9, “Left Behind,” Aired Mar 31, 2016

Legends, let’s cut to the chase – We all want to talk about how amazing Sara Lance’s storyline was and Rory’s return, so let’s do it!

Sara Lance

Ray, Sara, and Kendra get stranded in the 50s for two years. Ray and Kendra play house and it is adorable. The end.

Moving on to our favorite Canary, Sara Lance. Sara has re-re-re joined the League of Assassins. (This will be her 3rd return to the League.) With Sara’s return, we receive all kinds of goodies!

  • A younger Ra’s Al Ghul
  • A baby Thalia Al Ghul (Nyssa’s older sister)
  • League training (Where Sara kicks all the ass)
  • A sweet new outfit. (She looks great in every color though, let’s be real!)

Ra’s lets it be known that Sara is the best fighter he has ever had. (When Ra’s Al Ghul says you’re the best fighter, you are the best fighter!) We also get a glimpse at a young Thalia Al Ghul. We all know we will see the older version of her at some point, just not in this episode. (I mean, I would prefer to see Nyssa again, but oh well.) Thalia hardly says a word, so she remains a mystery.

Sara has abandoned her previous self and is fully emerged in the League, and I have to admit – I kind of like it!


The reason the crew of the Waverider abandoned Sara, Ray, and Kendra is Cronos. I don’t know about all of you, but I am over Cronos. He is one person! If you can’t kill one person, then you are all going to fail at killing Vandal Savage. Sorry, I had to get that out. Cronos infiltrates the ship and attacks Rip, Stein, Jefferson, and Snart. Is it just me or does it seem without Sara and Kendra this team is useless? Get it together, guys!

Anyways, Cronos knocks everyone out and steals Snart. Why Snart? At this point in time, no one knows. Snart wakes up and Cronos is leaning over him. Snart asks why he is the only one here. (As do the rest of us!) Cronos replies with:

I would have thought you would have figured it out by now…”

Then, we get our big Darth Vadar reveal!


Cronos is Rory! Rory is Cronos! Mind blown!

Here is what we find out:

  • Snart didn’t kill Rory; he left him.
  • Rory went crazy. (I guess, more than usual?)
  • The Time Council found Rory.
  • Rory trained as Cronos for hundreds of years.
  • Rory wants to kill all the Legends.

I thought this was a great twist and a wonderful way to bring Rory back into the fold.

The Battle

The team picks up Ray and Kendra. They find out Sara is in the League and in Nanda Parbat. They go there to convince her to come back. I have to admit, the team was able to infiltrate the compound too easily. Team Arrow had an insanely hard time trying to get in, yet Rip just wanders right in? Anyways, they get in. Rip goes to Sara’s bedroom and tries to wake her. How does he know which one is her room? Again, I have no clue. Sara beats him up and calls the guards! (That is what you get, Rip. Don’t abandon her and expect her to be happy when you come back!)

Everyone except for Sara, gets thrown in the dungeon. Rip demands a trial by combat. He assumes he will be battling Ra’s. Ra’s names Sara as his champion and Rip, looks at her like, “Oh sh*t!” Rip quickly calls Kendra as his champion and the battle begins!


Sara and Kendra’s battle was one of my favorites. Sara is about to kill Kendra. She stops, like we all knew she would, and Cronos/Rory blast into the compound. The team bans back together and finally takes Cronos out. Before they can deliver the final blow, Snart tells them not to kill him. Jefferson takes off Cronos’ mask to reveal a knocked out Rory. So many wonderful lines were delivered in these scenes. What are they? Go watch! I can’t spoil everything for you! Kudos to the stunt team, actors, and writers for these amazing scenes!

So what did you all think? I don’t know about you, but Legends is really bringing it now! I can’t wait until next episode!

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