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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ recap 3×14 “Watchdogs”


Season 3, Episode 14, “Watchdogs”, Aired March 29, 2016

New drama in town. There is a new threat to S.H.I.E.L.D. They are the anti-Inhuman group called the Watchdogs. Coulson is able to link them to a former agent after the group uses implosion tech to destroy a building. They are being organized by former agent, Blake. Time to spy.

Mack has a brother! Mack hanging with his brother, fixing bikes was great. We haven’t seen Mack in his element like that but it also really showed how hard the work/life balance is at S.H.I.E.L.D. Just as he gets settled in with his brother, Coulson calls him to leave. Mack’s brother doesn’t know that he is an agent and thinks the Watchdogs are “cool”. Mack isn’t pleased. And when he shows up at the compound just as Mack and Daisy are about to take out Blake and his goons, Mack calls off the mission but it’s too late. The Watchdogs set their sights on Mack, thinking he is a powered person.

Daisy has an edge. She has the leather jacket and all the sass she’ll ever need. There is really no denying that Daisy is back to her charming, funny ways again but it’s clear that she also has more of an edge than ever. Mack and even Fitz seem uneasy with her new methods. Using her powers to get info isn’t really their style.

Simmons and May. I love these two together! May walks in while Simmons is shooting. Simmons is arming herself so that she no longer feels helpless. They have a heart to heart about everything that has gone down. May opens up to Simmons and tells her that she has been looking for Lash/Andrew. Simmons helps her with her tracking methods. May insists that she must kill him but luckily, Simmons has been working on a cure. May has come so far. Season 1 May would never have opened up to a team member like that. Way to go May!

Lincoln and Coulson bond. Lincoln’s evaluation doesn’t go well so Coulson takes him out on a recon mission to see how he does in the field. The eval showed that Lincoln is unstable and only there for Daisy, not the cause. On the mission, Coulson tests Lincoln by telling him to kill Blake but it’s a hologram. Coulson is super dark these days.


Neck bombs ya’ll. After Mack’s brother leaves the compound, things go nuts. Fitz gets shot with an implosion bomb, paint ball looking thing. Daisy helps him diffuse the bomb and they learn that the Watchdogs are now targeting Mack because they think he is powered (he isn’t) and Fitz and Daisy spring to action. At Mack’s family home, the Watchdogs attack. Cue the shotgun ax!  This was a great team up. More Fitz/Daisy/Mack please!? #SassyFitz

At the end, we learn that Blake is really working with Hydra. Not shocked.


Another note? We learn Mack’s name thanks to his family’s mailbox and his brother calling him Alfie. In the comics, Al Mackenzie is a Shield agent who quits to write a tell-all book, exposing the organization’s secrets. Hmmm.

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