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‘The Walking Dead’ predictions: Who’s in major danger for the season 6 finale?

Let’s talk ‘The Walking Dead’ predictions!

Last week’s episode, “Twice as Far”, was harrowing, to say the least — not very easy on the eyes, shall we say. In true The Walking Dead style, we were shocked and I personally jumped out of my skin!

Warning: Some comic book spoilers and details on “Twice as Far” are included

Dwight returned (he was first seen in episode 6 of this season) and with him, we believe he will bring Negan, who Rick is sure he killed back in “The Same Boat” when the group ambushed the Saviors. However, it’s no secret that the popular villain in the comic books, Negan, will be playing a more prominent role and will be introduced at the end of season 6. We, also, know that Supernatural’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast in the role, which fans are thrilled about.

Will Negan kill Glenn?

Yet, the question that most fans are asking is: Which major character will Negan kill? Fans have speculated Glenn, plainly because in the comics it is Glenn who feels Negan’s wrath. However, considering the character/death twist we just experienced in “Twice as Far” (Denise over Abraham) and the show’s notorious tendency to shake things up, we should expect a curveball.


For this reason, some are sure it will be Abraham this time, having been spared an arrow through his eye. Also, when Eugene directed the Saviors to where Abraham hid behind some barrels, this could’ve been emphasizing his scrape with death and, perhaps, a clever foreshadowing of how he will go.


Others wonder if it will be pregnant Maggie, as this would be on par with the tragic and heartbreaking main character deaths we’ve had before – we’ll never get over Beth. The Walking Dead always seems to target the most vulnerable of characters, naturally, as their deaths make sense and they hit harder with viewers. Plus, Maggie and Glenn have found themselves in a lot of near-death situations this season, but that could be a clever ploy to make us think they are more likely to fall victim.


I have a strong feeling it may be Carol, simply because at this point, that would devastate fans. She recently appeared to be okay with the prospect of dying and has become reluctant to kill anymore. This has been a bit of a drastic shift in character, so it does make me question why.

In “Twice as Far”, she says she’s leaving the group, exiling herself, and this puts her in the most vulnerable position. I don’t see Carol being useful if they need to all come together and fight the Saviors; it would be too quick a return to the group, thus making her leave unnecessary. Her leaving Alexandria can only mean it’s for good in my opinion, given how close the season finale is. Unless, her leave extends into season 7.

I really do have a troubling feeling that Carol will be our next loss and it’s going to be a huge shock if so. In ways, I hope it’s not Carol because she is my favorite character, but that is exactly why I think it might be her.


The Season 6 finale will be a grandiose 90 minutes long and according to Lauren Cohan (Maggie), this is just the beginning of mind-games to come. “It’s the cliff-hangerest episode,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Let us know in the comments your predictions for the final! Will Negan’s fist fall on Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, or Carol, or do you think it will be someone else (like Daryl)? Either way, knowing TWD, it will be devastating and we’ll be left in an apocalypse of our own, craving season 7 to put us out of our misery.

The Walking Dead season 6 finale airs Sunday, April 3 on AMC


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