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Ultimate Shipper Awards: Which relation-ship on The CW has the most passionate fans?

The results are IN! Scroll down to see who won!

It’s time for the Ultimate Shipper Awards! We want to find out which CW duo is the most loved and coveted in all of CW-land (not that we don’t adore them all).

Damon and Elena of The Vampire Diaries, just won our TVD shipper poll, but do they reign supreme over all of The CW? Take a look at the couples in the running and then place your vote for which CW ship has the most passionate fanbase.

Damon and Elena

The Vampire Diaries

This couple may not even currently be on TV, but the power of Delena has proven to stick around long after Nina Dobrev’s departure from the show. They’ve also won countless awards for this on-screen romance.

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Nyssa and Sara

Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow

When the Heir to the Demon and the White Canary are in a scene together, the whole d*mn screen sizzles! These women are smart, beautiful badasses, and they refuse to apologize for it. Rumor has it, we won’t have to wait long to see this power couple back in play!

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Liv and Major


It’s a classic story of boy meets girl, girl becomes zombie and has to break up with boy, they get back together but can’t get it on because zombie is kinda like an STD. Then, girl dumps boy (again) because he has trouble differentiating real-her from who she is under the influence of the different brain personalities … because she eats brains … because she’s a zombie who also solves crime. Pretty typical.

Jane and Michael

Jane the Virgin

When the show started, we’ll admit, we were intrigued by Rafael. Michael’s reaction to Jane’s predicament didn’t show him in the best light, BUT ever since then, he’s been nothing but supportive, protective, and loving with Jane and he clearly knows her by heart and wants only the best for her. I don’t think Jane ever stopped loving him. Everything is back to perfect and Jane and Michael are ultimate relationship goals. Plus, how cute is Michael’s bromance with Jane’s dad? Rogelio knows best, you guys!!

Dean and Castiel


Dean and Castiel have one of the most fun and dynamic relationships on TV. Some think of their bond as just a bromance, while other Supernatural fans see it as a potential romantic relationship (subtext, y’all). Either way, the Destiel fandom is a force to be reckoned with.

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Iris and Barry

The Flash

They grew up together as best friends, but Barry has always been in love with Iris. He finally tells her but she is engaged! Barry and Iris shared their first kiss only to have it wiped from her memory after Barry altered the timeline. Even though she doesn’t remember the kiss, they both know that in the future (and on Earth 2) they are married, making them endgame for sure!

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Clarke and Bellamy

The 100

Bellarke went from constantly butting heads, to co-leaders of the teen delinquent squad, to friends. These two haven’t been romantic (yet) but their chemistry and deep respect for each other makes them amazing to watch on screen. Their hug broke tumblr and they are the focus of endless fanfics. These two have an epic kiss coming in their future, for sure.

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Clarke and Lexa

The 100

It still hurts, right? Without giving too many spoilers away, let’s just say that the Clexa fandom proved they are incredibly passionate after recent events on the show. These two ladies brought a lot of spice to our screens each week.

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Oliver and Felicity


The Olicity fandom is a beast that cannot be caged. Oliver and Felicity’s chemistry simmered for seasons before they actually became an official couple. While they may be going through some tough times right now, most of the Arrow fandom believe in their heart that Olicity is endgame.

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Klaus and Caroline

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

These two only really got it on once, but the whole The Vampire Diaries fandom was rooting them on for years! There’s still a chance that something could happen between these two should the shows merge. Klaroline fans are not giving up hope for these two lovebirds any time soon. We can’t blame them, because Klaus and Caroline together on screen are undeniably hot.

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Hayley and Elijah

The Originals

These two have been through a lot together. It’s a little bit of a sticky situation, but that hasn’t stopped Haylijah from steaming up our screens since the beginning of season 1. We think their relationship has been building up to be endgame for sure. As Daniel Gillies has said, they’re “doomed to love each other.”



Watch the video below where Liz and Lindi announce the winner!

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