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‘Grimm’ exclusive sneak peek: Eve makes a startling discovery about Rachel and Renard

‘Grimm’ exclusive sneak peek: Season 5, Episode 14, “Lycanthropia”

NBC’s Grimm has been killing it with season 5. The high-energy, action-packed episodes just keep coming, and this Friday’s new episode is no exception.

In this exclusive Pure Fandom sneak peek for “Lycanthropia”, it looks like trouble is brewing for Renard (Sasha Roiz) … in the form of a platinum blonde wig and super cute peacoat that is.

In the clip, we see Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) sneak into Rachel’s house and start snooping around. She stumbles upon the campaign poster with Renard’s face on it. You know, the really snazzy one that Rachel and Lucien showed him to try to convince him to run for mayor. After snapping a picture of the poster, Eve also takes a picture of the shipping label on the container it was in. Was she capturing the address or maybe the time stamp? And what is she planning on doing with this new intel?

The big question is, what is Nick going to say if he finds out what Renard is contemplating doing? Renard better hope that Hadrian’s Wall doesn’t choose to deal with him first, because something tells us that they will be a lot less forgiving than Nick will.

Get ready for an all new episode of Grimm with this exclusive sneak peek clip for “Lycanthropia”!

If you need a refresher on what went down last week, check out the recap for “Silence of the Slams”.

Grimm airs Fridays on NBC at 9/8c

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