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‘The Vampire Diaries’: The 8 best romantic (relation)ships from the show

During this dreadful The Vampire Diaries mini-hiatus, how about we have a little fun? I want all you TVD fans to vote your favorite (relation)ship from the show. Oh yes, I want to know who you root for. I’m talking about Delena, Stelena, Klaroline — you name it! After all, we have to make use of a bad situation, right?

Here were the contenders – listen and find out who won in the recording below!

  • Damon and Elena (Delena)

Oh, Delena! This is some downright powerful love right here. Throwback to when Damon was very much still in his bad-boy phase — he stirred up trouble between Stefan and Elena. There was always some cheeky flirting going on, but it wasn’t until Stefan went back to his old Rippah ways that Elena and Damon got closer. In times of need, when Stefan wasn’t there for Elena, Damon always was. In turn, Damon became a better person with Elena in his life, so we have her to thank for that. When Elena became a vampire, this was when her feelings for Damon really amplified. Fast forward to season 6, these two were still on fire. No complaints here!

  • Stefan and Elena (Stelena)

This brings back so many season 1 feels! Stef was Elena’s first love, and OMG it was magical. Despite Elena discovering who Stefan really was, she loved him anyway. They were the perfect couple and so right in so many ways. Even though things may have changed when Elena became a vamp, I still wouldn’t bat an eye if tables had turned and their love re-blossomed. Stelena’s love is a love I’ll always root for.

  • Caroline and Klaus (Klaroline)

I don’t know about you, but I LIVE for Klaroline! For so long, these two had that love/hate thing going on. It was a complete guessing game whether or not Klaus and Caroline would finally get together. What I loved about when their ‘relationship’ developed, was the fact that Caroline brought out Klaus’ caring and sweet side. Thank gosh that after many episodes of Klaus chasing after Caroline, they gave into their desires and had some much needed sexy time. YAS! Even to this day, Klaus still has a soft spot for Caroline.

  • Caroline and Tyler

Isn’t it sweet to remember Caroline and Tyler together? Despite Caroline being a vamp and Tyler a werewolf (at the time), they were all kinds of right for one another. They had a hot, fun, and all-around pretty amazing relationship, which I may be jealous of. The love between them was strong, which made it so heartbreaking watching them eventually break things off when things got messy with the Klaus situation.

  • Bonnie and Jeremy

OMG, I absolute LOVE Bonnie and Jeremy together! I miss it so much (sobs). Bon-Bon and Jeremy’s get-together may have seemed weird at first, after all she was kinda dating her BFF’s little bro. However, their love shone bright! They both helped each other through so much, and still deserve to be together. Why did Jeremy have to leave? They desperately need to have a reunion some day. Agreed?

  • Tyler and Liv (Ty-Liv)

After Caroline and Tyler were no longer together, Ty really needed a new love interest. This is where Liv came in. Liv was a badass witch, and Ty is a badass hybrid so why wouldn’t these two be amazing together? Liv played hard to get for awhile, but soon enough, she gave into Tyler’s sexy smile and hot bod (and all his other great qualities). Do you dig Ty-Liv?

  • Alaric and Jenna

I am so sorry guys, but I had to include Alaric and Jenna. Yes, I’m sobbing too while remembering their beautiful little romance. Oh, I just love these two so much. I miss Jenna! Okay, I’m crying again! Back to the point … Alaric and Jenna were fab. They fit perfectly, and really deserved a shot for their relationship to carry out. What was amazing was that Ric stepped in and helped Jenna raise Elena and Jeremy, after their parents deaths. Even after Jenna’s death, Ric continued caring and loving them despite him not having to. Yes, to Jenna and Ric!

  • Mary-Louise and Nora (Noralise)

Season 7 brought us the first same-sex couple to TVD — bravo to Julie Plec! Mary-Louise and Nora seemed to have their ups-and-downs, but they always found themselves together again. There was that sweet engagement proposal with a killer ring! However, Julian’s malicious ways nearly tore them apart, but they got through it in the end. This relationship is something I want to see more of. C’mon, we need more Noralise in our lives, right?

The results are IN! Listen here!


The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays (new day of the week!) on January 29 at 8/7c on The CW.

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