Let’s Get Lit!: Meet Cheri Champagne, author of LOVE’S MISADVENTURE

Welcome to the weekly series, “Let’s Get Lit!”, right here on, where we will chat with an Squareauthor about their work and their favorite fandoms! This week’s edition will feature one of my favorite people, Cheri Champagne!

Cheri’s historical romance is on sale now! Read on for all of the deets on her new novel, her writing ritual and her love of Doctor Who.

Meg Bonney: Hi Cheri! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat! Love’s Misadventures was just released! What can you tell us about it?  

Cheri Champagne: Of course! Love’s Misadventure is a Regency-set historical romance novel about two best friends, Lane Mason, the seventh Earl of Devon, and Miss Annabel Bradley, who inadvertently get caught up in the world of French spies. They are swept away on a harrowing misadventure that nearly costs them not only their lives, but their friendship and love, as well.

MB: Love it! Where can we find it?

CC: It is currently available on Amazon’s Kindle and Create Space.

MB: We love a good romance. Can you give us any juicy details of the main love story?

CC: Certainly! Anna has been hopelessly in love with Lane since they were children, but she’s given up hope of his returning her feelings, so she decides to accept the suit of another man. Lane, who has been blind to the undercurrent of emotion running between them for so long, finally realizes his love for Anna, but he fears that he’s too late to win her heart. Even though Lane can’t have Anna for his own, he would like to see her happy, so he decides to give her what she’s always wanted: an adventure! Their love and friendship reaches both highs and lows, with some surprises and terror thrown in the mix. Ultimately, as with any romance, they end up wildly in love and very happy together.

MB: Love’s Misadventure is a part of the Mason Sibling series. If you had to give your series’ fandom a name, what would it be? (Example: Twilight fans are called Twihards, Harry Potter fans are called Potterheads)

CC: For the Mason Siblings series, I might pick MasonFam (short for Mason Family), but since my two series’ (Mason Siblings and the Seductive Spies series) are connected, I’d have to pick one that incorporates them both. The RegSpyAddicts, has a nice ring to it!

MB: We geek out pretty hard here at Pure Fandom. What fandom do you love the most and just can’t live without? (A book, movie or TV show) 

CC: Uh oh. Do I have to pick just one? I know I couldn’t live without Dr. Who, Sherlock, or Red Dwarf, but there are so many that I wouldn’t want to live without, like Supernatural, The 100, Star Trek, X-Files, Firefly (even though it’s over), Harry Potter, and pretty much every superhero movie ever. Sorry. Couldn’t pick just one!

MB: The two main characters in the book are Annabel and Lane. If you could dream cast anyone to play them in a movie version of your book, who would it be? 

CC: When I’d first found my inspiration photos for my hero and heroine on Pinterest back in 2011, they were of unnamed models. I was recently asked this question, however, and was forced to take to Pinterest again. I’m torn for my heroine, Annabel, between Natalie Dormer and Amanda Seyfried.

For my hero, Lane, I’ve chosen Jake Gyllenhaal (if he had some blonde highlights).

MB: What about the scorned ex-fiancé of Anna?

CC: This took me a little bit to figure out, but I’ve settled on Simon Woods as he was in Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 film adaptation).

MB: What Harry Potter house would your main characters be sorted into? 

CC: Ooh, this is a tough question. I think that Lane would probably be in Hufflepuff, and Anna would be in Gryffindor, but both possess some of the traits of the other houses.

MB: What house would YOU be in? 

CC: I’m a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw as a close second (according to a test I took).

MB: I can see that. We are always on the hunt for a good book. What are you loving right now? 

CC: I’m currently reading two different books. One is the ARC for The Juliet by Laura Ellen Scott, due to be published on March 22nd. I’m absolutely loving it so far! I’m also in the middle of reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. So far it’s a little strange, but definitely entertaining; I’m not very far into it, though.

MB: Ok, we need to talk Dr. Who. Do you have a favorite Who episode?

CC: Oh, goodness. This is just impossible! I have so many favourites. I particularly enjoy the Weeping Angel episodes, but if I had to pick only one, I’d choose the 50th Anniversary special: The Day of the Doctor.

MB: What about a favorite Doctor?

CC: #10, hands down. I absolutely loved David Tennant’s interpretation of The Doctor. Not only was he amazing with Rose Tyler, but he and Donna Noble were a spectacular pairing, as well. He pulled off all of the necessary emotions with the best facial expressions. #10 was an absolute joy to watch. Plus, you can’t beat the outfit! He was, in my opinion, the all-around perfect Doctor.

MB: In this book, the two main characters are captured by French spies. How would you do in that Love's Misadventure Final Front Cover 300 dpi front cover onlysituation?

CC: I like to think I’d be able to hold it together if French spies kidnapped me. I’d be terrified, of course, but I’d work tirelessly to try to escape. I’m afraid to say that I would probably cry a lot, though.

MB: Which fictional character would you want at your side?  (Pick any character in film, tv or book to be in that situation with)

CC: There are a lot of excellent choices when it comes to who I’d have with me. I could pick Sam or Dean Winchester, MacGyver, Harry Potter, or one of many great super heroes, but the easiest answer would be The Doctor. He’d come up with some witty dialogue, act all smart and secretive, then I’d help him save the day just in the nick of time. Afterward, we’d hop in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and go on another adventure, maybe to 18th century Scotland or another planet 4,000 years in the future.

MB: That’s a great pick! Alright it’s time to play KISS, MARRY, KILL (Pure Fandom Edition). Who would you kiss, who would you marry and who would you kill: 

Cas (Supernatural), Oliver Queen (Arrow), Rose (Doctor Who)

CC: Ok, I think I’ve got this. I would kiss Cas because I’d simply love to see his facial expression, or hear him tell me that he’d “learned that from a pizza delivery man.” I would marry Oliver Queen because, well…he’s pretty gorgeous, and who wouldn’t want to see him working out every day?! Lastly, I’d kill Rose.

No…wait. I change my mind. I’ll kill Cas because I know he’ll come back. Plus he’ll accept my apology if I’m genuine enough. Then I’ll kiss Rose, and I can say that I kissed someone who kissed The Doctor!

MB: Oh, Cas! Haha! What can you tell me about your writing ritual? 

CC: I don’t really have one. Honestly, with four kids aged seven and under, I have to write whenever I can squeeze some time in. If my mom or my husband watch the kids and I can sneak down to my office, I basically sit down with my notebook and laptop and put my hands to the keyboard. If it’s just me at home alone with the kids, then I’m doing the same thing, I’m just upstairs and I’ve got kids climbing on me or asking me for snacks and juice.

MB: Four kids under seven?! You are my hero! Ok, important one. Sam or Dean?

CC: Sam. No, Dean. No, Sam. No, Dean… Is ‘Both’ an option?

MB: Lastly, any advice for writers out there who are still working on getting published? 

CC: Be persistent! Publishing is a tough business for writers. Even the most successful of authors have received rejections in their career. Keep writing, querying, and submitting, and eventually yours will be picked. After all, it only takes one “yes”!

MB: Awesome! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read Love’s Misadventures

CC: Thank you so much for the interview, Meg! I love talking about books and fandoms!

Want more Cheri? Of course you do! 

You can keep up with her on her websiteFacebook and twitter! Don’t forget to get your copy of her book right here!

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Until next week, STAY LIT everybody! 



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