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A few months ago (4 if anyone’s counting, which I am because helloooo NEW X-MEN MOVIE IN TWO MONTHS) 20th Century Fox dropped the first trailer for the latest installment in the X-Men franchise. It was everything I wanted it to be: intense, foreboding, with a touch of humor thanks to the eighties garb all our faves are sporting, and complete with a song from a band I love thanks to Teen Wolf: Snow Ghosts!

A few weeks ago Fox aired a TV Spot during the Superbowl (again with an awesome song as the soundtrack: a cover of the Coldplay song Don’t Panic from Clairity. Who also happened to have a song on Teen Wolf. My fandoms keep colliding, it’s awesome and Fox keeps nailing those song choices!), but now, friends, it’s time for the full trailer.

The wait is over, it’s HERE, feast your eyes upon its magnificence!

As expected from the promo material that has been recently released, it focuses on Apocalypse and his four horsemen (you can check them out in the header if you’ve forgotten who they are) and the havoc he’s going to wreak. Professor X and his remaining team are ready to fight but considering Apocalypse’s powers (he seems to be able to change sizes at will and is seen crushing Xavier on the ground and choking Mystique in a chill-inducing final scene). So things aren’t going great, clearly and I can’t wait to see it all unfold in May! Plus, I’m always here for Quicksilver stealing every shot he’s in…

And of course for Magneto being, well, Magneto.

Also the visuals and special effects look insane and Pyslocke is kicking some serious ass!

Now go rewatch that trailer as many times as you can and count the days until the movie! Oscar Isaac thanks your for your time and bids you a good day.

X-Men: Apocalypse comes out on Memorial Day WE (May 27th), 2016. 



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