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Who will die on ‘The Walking Dead’: A ranking

It’s no secret that something major is going to happen in this season’s finale of The Walking Dead, and there’s a 99.9% chance that “something” is one of our favorite characters dying. While the big shock may not so much be who will die, but how they will die, we’re still going to take a stab at who may suffer an unlikely fate.

Let’s rank who will die on ‘The Walking Dead’ from 1-7, with #1 being the most likely to die.

7: Rick

Do we really need to elaborate? What would even happen if Rick died? Everyone would probably just give up and go crawl in a hole somewhere.

6: Sasha or Abraham

We haven’t seen Sasha in like 2(ish?) episodes, and let’s be honest – it wouldn’t be that big of a shock. She’s had her big character arc (the PTSD and Bob-thing), and unless she gets some more airtime in the next episode we doubt she’s the unlucky cast member if the show is going for shock-value. Abraham, on the other hand, has been getting a lot more airtime, and since he (and Sasha) were there when Daryl bazooka’d Negan’s biker crew, that puts him on the list, too, if Negan will try to get retribution.

5: Judith

The fact that both Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) said this was probably the most disturbing episode they’ve ever filmed makes us think of the sickest, most twisted possibilities. Losing a baby at the hand of Negan is probably the most disturbing thing we can imagine, but we don’t think that TWD writers are that twisted. BUT, Andrew and Lauren’s quotes kind of make us think otherwise:

Andrew: ‘I felt sick to my stomach when I read the script … I was so angry and frustrated and I felt sick. And that was just after reading it.’

Lauren: ‘It took a really, really long time for everybody to feel okay again after the finale, let’s put it that way.’

4: Daryl

From what we know about Negan, he is mean as hell – but he lives by a code. “Eye for eye” would probably be his style, and since Daryl killed his biker dudes he may want retribution (here are some other reasons Daryl might die.) In last week’s episode, Paula did (sort of) justify what Daryl did as “self defense”, but that doesn’t mean Negan would be OK with it and not make Daryl pay for it.

With that said, what Carol/Maggie did to those jokers that met up with them (you know, burning them alive) may not be self defense in Negan’s eyes since there was a trade scheduled … AND the guys that arrived at the safe house didn’t attack Maggie and Carol. The two of them set up the trap to burn them alive. Here’s a theory: What if Negan is going to kill Daryl for killing his crew, and Carol tells him about her “burn job” to sway Negan from killing Daryl – sacrificing herself instead.

Plus, if the show is going to keep Daryl around, he needs some major character development. Dealing with the loss of Carol – to save his life – would be an interesting storyline for next season.

BUT, here’s this nugget to add even more confusion: There’s also the notion that Negan’s crew may not know about Daryl’s deed – everyone in his crew that did know is now dead (thanks, Carol and Maggie!)

3: Carol

Carol is having some major issues right now. In our latest podcast we dive into our predictions behind this, but the short story is that Carol understands that Rick and Co. have to be brutal in order to survive. Let’s not forget she was the one that first took the step towards the dark side when she burned the bodies at the prison; however, she may just not want to live anymore if that’s what the world looks like. (Hence our prediction for #4.) Plus, remember Tyreese? He felt the same way, and his send off was kind of a relief for him to not have to live in this f**ked up world any longer.

2: Glenn

They’ve teased his death all season long, and if you want other reasons, check out spoilers.

1: Maggie

If the finale is as terrible as the cast members say, killing a pregnant woman and leaving Glenn to deal with that would be terrible.

1 to the max: Maggie AND Glenn

What if Glenn can’t live without Maggie, and they BOTH die?! Ugh, we can’t even fathom this.


VOTE on who you think will die in the finale, and follow our The Walking Dead coverage for more news and theories.


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