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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ recap 3×12 “The Inside Man”


Season 3, Episode 12, “The Inside Man”, Aired March 15, 2016

FLASH! It was brief, but Hive had a flash of some events in Grant Ward’s life. It might be me holding out hope, but I really hope we get one last moment with Ward. Let’s break down those flashes!

  • If memory serves, the first two are of Ward right after he was reactivated for Hyrda.
  • Ward kissing Skye (YAYAYAYAY!)
  • Ward killing Victoria Hand
  • Kara dying
  • Garrett sneering at him
  • His brother in the well
  • Kara again
  • Ward’s eyes
  • Ward’s dog that Garrett made him kill
  • Ward’s eyes
  • His brother’s hand in the well
  • Ward dropping Fitzsimmons into the ocean
  • Ward’s eyes
  • Ward kissing Skye again (#Skyeward4Eva)
  • Ward’s other brother (maybe)
  • Ward’s eyes
  • And the last is him going under water in the well


Tensions are building. The team is starting to see a slight divide. Bobbi and Hunter are clearly anti-powered people (to an extent) and then there is Daisy and Lincoln, the Inhumans. It’s mild now, but this will for sure be a driving force later this season. Could this be why Hunter and Bobbi leave the team? Cue the spinoff!

Hive is a creep. Hive sand zaps the paralysis eye guy from the last episode. Gideon is growing tired of Hive, even suggesting that he find a new host but Hive refuses. Hive requests five humans. The creepy eye Inhuman and Gideon’s lackey cringe in the hall as Hive does his weird sand thing and the five humans are screaming. It’s bad when the bad guys are cringing at your actions.

Carl Creel is back! You know that guy who turns into whatever he touches? He is Talbot’s body guard. Hunter, of course, doesn’t trust him, but he turns out to be a huge asset to the mission!

Symposium time! The world is growing more and more concerned about the powered people. In a throw back to the AoS early days, the team elaborately works to infiltrate the invitees of the symposium. General Talbot offends everyone and is of little help, but he is hilarious. Coulson poses as a doctor at the summit in hopes of educating the group and the delegates think that they should create an Inhuman sanctuary. Things go south pretty quickly because:

SHOCK! General Talbot is Gideon Malick’s inside man!

Shake and bake! Fitzsimmons finds that Carl Creel’s blood counteracts the effects of the Inhuman blood transformation. This prompts a huge fight between Daisy and Lincoln. Lincoln is still a little unsteady with his powers and Daisy feels like it is a birth rite and a gift, not a disease. They eventually make up and then do some smooching and ya know.

Hey guys:

Oh Hydra. Gideon has Talbot’s son and that’s why he turned on Coulson. I love these two together. They are handcuffed together, right about to be shot, yet they are still bickering. Can we give them their own show? Once Coulson realizes the sh*tty situation that Gideon put Talbot in, he and the team go right back to helping him. Carl is Talbot’s inside man and sets them free to run down the hall like crazy people!

Ward in goo! Ok, so he fried those five people and it somehow fixed him. After, he looks like he took a bath in Dana Barrett’s bath tub in Ghostbusters. #Ewwww


Later jerks. Gideon and the Russian delegate fly back to Russia and Hunter and Bobbi are stowed in the plane. Could this be seeds of their spin-off? We shall see! Next week looks crazy and according to the promo, it will change the team forever. That’s never really good news, but let’s stay positive!

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on ABC.


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