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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 1×08 “Night of the Hawk”

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap, Season 1, Episode 8, “Night of the Hawk,” Aired Mar 10, 2016

Hello, all my Legends. We have much to celebrate! Legends of Tomorrow was renewed for season 2! And why wouldn’t it be? After last night’s phenomenal episode, Legends of Tomorrow reached a whole new level. In my opinion it was the best so far. Let’s break it down and you decide.


The Legends landed in 1958 and took on racism, sexuality, and sexism! Rarely does a superhero show take on such sensitive topics. Legends of Tomorrow handled itself with grace, respect, and a little bit of humor. It was a great retrospect of the world we live in today vs. the world we used to.

Kendra, Ray, and Savage:

This week, the whole team goes undercover to find out who is responsible for a string of murders. They spread out across the town. Which town? I have no clue, but we shall call it Pleasantville. Kendra and Ray go undercover as a married couple in suburbia. This would be all well and good, except that it’s the 50s and interracial couples weren’t exactly common. They end up standing out more than they fit in. They draw the attention of Vandal Savage and his wife who coincidentally are their next-door neighbors. Vandal invites Ray and Kendra to a party.

'Legends of Tomorrow' recap "Night of the Hawk"
The CW

Ray and Kendra arrive at Vandal’s house and are greeted with a room full of stares. One woman walks up to Kendra, assuming she is the waitress, and asks her to refill her drink, to which Kendra replies with a snarky comment. Kendra and Jefferson have to deal with a heavy dose of racism in this episode. The duo split up to search Savage’s house. At one point, Savage comes up to Kendra and is his usual annoying self. Here’s what we find out from this scene:

  • Savage is pretending not to recognize Kendra.
  • Kendra is pretending she has not discovered her powers.
  • Ray finds the dagger that can kill Savage.


This is not Jefferson’s week. A meteor crashes in Pleasantville and turns a handful of people into bird aliens. He’s tasked with going undercover as a high school student to get close to the girlfriend of the latest victim. Luckily for Jefferson, the girl ends up being the only non-racist person in the town. Unlucky for Jefferson, he gets bullied the moment he walks into the diner. Don’t worry Jefferson makes it very clear he is not to be picked on!

'Legends of Tomorrow' recap "Night of the Hawk"
The CW

Best One-liner:

Stein: “The 50s, what a wonderful decade.”

Jefferson: “If you’re white …”

Sara: “And if you’re a man … and straight.”

I realize this is not one line, but they still speak the truth! Anyways, towards the end of the episode, Jefferson turns into a bird alien. I have many problems with this plot point. The most obvious being, wouldn’t the Firestorm gene attack anything foreign in Jefferson’s body? Moving on, though … Stein creates an antidote and Jefferson is no longer a bird alien. Side note: Jefferson and the girl kiss and it was super cute.

Captain Cold and Rip Hunter:

In this episode, they are undercover FBI agents. Aside from looking good in their outfits, they don’t really do much this week. Sorry.

Nurse Sara Lance:

Love was definitely all over the place in “Night of the Hawk”! Legends of Tomorrow does a wonderful job at making sexuality the norm. They never apologize for letting the characters be who they are and they never should. Ray and Kendra, Jefferson and the cheerleader, Sara and Lindsay — all of them explored the relationships of the 50s.


Sara and Stein go undercover as a nurse and doctor. In the asylum, Sara meets a fellow nurse, Lindsay, who is being harassed by her male co-worker. Sara rams a metal drawer into the man’s back and he scurries off. Throughout the episode, we find out Lindsay is in the closet and Sara is determined to pull her out! Later in the episode, Lindsay kisses Sara and to everyone’s surprise, Sara is the one who pulls away. If you are like me, you are wondering WTF? You can’t force someone out of the closet then run away, Sara!


We find out Sara is scared. Ever since she came back from the dead, she hasn’t had romantic feelings. She realizes that with feelings comes the possibility of getting hurt. Can I just say, “Aww”? In typical Sara fashion, she sucks it up and goes for the girl! Sara, Ray, and Kendra make their way back to the ship. Where Rip, Snart, Jefferson, and Stein are waiting.

The Cliffhanger:

Ray, Kendra, and Sara get left behind in the 50s! Why? Go watch and see!

Tune into Legends of Tomorrow Thursday nights at 8pm EST on The CW, and don’t forget to check out our Legends podcast and Legends coverage.


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