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‘The Walking Dead’ recap 6×12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

The Walking Dead recap for season 6 episode 12, “Not Tomorrow Yet”, aired March 6, 2016

Holy smokes! This week’s The Walking Dead episode brought one of the most chilling scenes we’ve seen in the series. In addition to Glenn taking his first human life, Carol made some beet-tastic acorn cookies and got a smooch from a local Alexandrian … before being captured with Maggie by what we can assume to be Negan’s crew. Let’s break it down.

Rick not giving a f**k and it being amazing

We’re glad we’re finally to the point where the gang doesn’t have to go back and forth on whether or not Rick goes “too far.” They finally understand the world they live in and what they have to do to survive. Glenn killing a human for the first time is a perfect example. Glenn doesn’t question Rick’s decisions, because he knows what Rick has done in order for the rest of them to not have to do.

Why had Glenn not killed a human up until this point? Coupled with luck (and a few times where he’s chosen not to), it’s mainly because Rick has done the dirty work for the gang. Remember when Rick tried to be a peaceful farmer for that half-of-a-season? They ended up losing their maximum-security home to the Gov, when they should have just taken the Gov out long before. We’re loving this get-shit-done Rick.


Glenn’s heart-wrenching scene

There’s nothing you’d rather NOT do when you’re about to be a first-time dad than sneak into a facility and murder a bunch of sleeping humans. Glenn’s face as he did the deed was enough to make us crawl in a corner and cry for the rest of the night. When he did it for Heath, too, it was even more gut-wrenching. We all felt a little better, though, when we saw the Polaroid montage of dead (humans?) with their faces smashed in on the wall above their victim’s bed. (Could they have been victims of Lucille?!)


Carol table-ing her Khaleesi

What the heck, Carol? We’re starting to think she’s making cookies now because she actually likes doing it. She doesn’t have to put on an act for Alexandria anymore. She’s falling for one of the local folk, and she’s really struggling with the fact that a pregnant-Maggie still has to come on their murder-missions. It probably would have been best for Maggie to stay behind, but we all know that nothing would break her stubbornness in going.

We’re curious to see how Maggie and Carol were captured, because they’re two of the baddest people in the apocalypse (including both men and women; there’s no room for sexism in the apocalypse.) Carol has burned two people alive, killed a murderous, sociopathic child, and blown up a community of cannibals. Buck the f**k up, Carol. It’s game time.


Was that the only Negan HQ?

At the risk of comic book spoilers, we’re recapping this as if we haven’t climbed down the internet black-hole of spoilers. We’re thinking that the facility Rick and Co. attacked wasn’t the only place Negan resides. We didn’t see Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Negan, and we doubt that he’d hold up there all the time. We have a feeling he holds residence somewhere no one outside of The Saviors knows about (even if it’s a hole in the woods somewhere. We doubt the guy doesn’t have a safe house or a back-up plan.)

Morgan and his conscious

We love Morgan’s character, but he’s starting to get on our nerves. He was the only one to object to Rick’s idea of an attack, and we caught a glimpse of him welding something. Is he building a jail cell? If so, does he plan to put every pyschopath they come across in there to try and help them regain their humanity? Rick’s not going to go for that – and we have a feeling the other Alexandrians won’t either (especially after the last incident with the wolf-dude with bad teeth.)


Rosita talks to Carol about telling Rick about what Morgan caused from keeping the wolf-dude alive, and we have to think that keeping this a secret will only bite them all in the ass. Because Rick doesn’t know what Morgan has done, it leaves them vulnerable to whatever Morgan will do next. Morgan is running rogue right now, and whether or not he does things he thinks is for the sake of the community, he is putting the community at risk.


He wasn’t in this episode, and we’re glad.


We didn’t see enough of him in this episode. We’re ready for more!

What are your thoughts for next week? Sound off in the comments below, and check out all of our The Walking Dead coverage.

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