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‘Lucifer’: Best Lines from 1×06 “Favorite Son”

As per usual, Lucifer was his usual charming self in the latest episode of the FOX drama, Lucifer, “Favorite Son”Check out some of the best one-liners and changes. Then stick around for the episode MVP. Mazikeen stole the devil’s thunder over the past few weeks, can Lucifer take top honors this go round? Read on to find out.

1. Dan & Chloe interrogating their latest suspect…Trix

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Chloe: What made you think you’d get away with it? If you come clean now I’ll go easy on you. So tell me…did you eat the chocolate cake?

Trix: (deadly serious) No, mommy.


Trix: I ate it. But Lucifer said it’s okay.

Dan: Oh, Really?

Trix: He said if you really want to do something you should and I really wanted to eat some chocolate cake.


2. CSI: Lucifer

2016-03-03 19.07.04


Chloe: Lucifer, a little respect…

Lucifer: Do you know I’m amazed by the differential regard you people hold for rotting flesh. I mean this poor sap is either already in hell or in silver city endurng Uriel’s welcome speech, which is far worse than hell if you ask me.


3. Mazikeen playing with her food…


Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Dan: I need to see your books.

Maze: Without any foreplay?


Dan: You assaulted a police officer. I’m taking you in.

Maze: And what exactly are you going to say happened? That a tiny female bartender knocked you out, stripped you naked and put you in your ex’s bed.


4. Trixie seizes on the opportunity to negotiate that year supply of chocolate cake…no questions asked.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Trix: I thought you said lying was a bad thing.

Dan: It is it’s terrible but this is different because we’re going to play a game. It’s called sneak daddy out of the house.

Trix: That still sounds like a lie.


5. Chloe/Lucifer being adorable

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Chloe: The next time you secretly follow someone try not to tailgate them. It draws a little attention.

Lucifer: It wasn’t my fault you drive like an elderly turtle.


Lucifer: What’s the big deal. What if I am a criminal?

Chloe: I’d have to arrest you

Lucifer: Oh, well whip out the cuffs. Why shy away from a little bondage fun?


Lucifer: You didn’t take a sneaky peek before telling me did you

Chloe: You wouldn’t lie to me right?

Lucifer: You want to watch me open it

Chloe: You’re damn right.


6. The biker fashionista

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Lucifer: You like being considered a criminal don’t you. Yea you do. What else do you want?

Cutter (Tom Sizemore) : To own a clothing line. I’m 54. I’d rather be in my hammock playing my Stratocaster. All this riding has enlarged my prostrate. It’s unpleasant.


7. Lucifer riding high on the thrill of the chase.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Lucifer: Been a while since I had a good hunt. That tingling running up your spine… inevitability and the bit running down your leg…fear.


8. Lucifer’s therapeutic breakthrough…woosa

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

Lucifer: He shunned me. He vilified me. Eons spent providing a place for dead mortals to punish themselves. For all eternity my name will be invoked to represent their depravity.


Dr. Martin: When angels fall. They also rise. Embrace all that you are and rise.

Lucifer: I can’t!


Episode MVP: Threesome!!

No, not that one. This week’s MVP was a three-way tie between Lucifer because duh … Tom Ellis and those magical pipes and those final minutes after he finds out that his wings are gone. Then there’s Dr. Martin. She spent part of the episode gossiping with her “colleague”, Amenadiel and that awesome final session with Lucifer. Glad to see that this great actress is being used for more than a bed!buddy. Then there’s Dan. Oh, Dan was great throughout the episode. Was it was his chemistry with Maze (adding him to the list) or his pink sweatsuit and NSYNC t-shirt? No, it was him bribing Trixie with chocolate cake after earlier lecturing her about lying, and then paying up with said chocolate cake at the end of the episode.

Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer
Image: FOX/Lucifer

And that’s all folks. What were your favorite lines/exchanges in episode 1×06? I cheated having three MVPs this week, but seriously they were all perfect. Lucifer brought the emotion and don’t get me started on that voice. Maze brought the heat and funny. Dan…Dan proved himself to be way more than “Detective Douche” in that pink velour. Give us more. Hit the comments and let me know what you thought.

Lucifer airs Monday on Fox at 9 pm. Be sure to check out Lucifer for other show news on 


(Image: FOX/Lucifer)


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