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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 1×07 recap: Did we just say goodbye to (SPOILER!)

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 1×07 recap, “Marooned”, aired March 3, 2016.

Hello, Legends. This week of television has done a number on my soul. Legends of Tomorrow is no different. This week featured a departure of a major character. Before we get to said departure, let’s see how our other characters fared.

Kendra and Ray:

The Waverider sets out to save a marooned ship. It turns out the ship was full of space pirates. (Firefly, anyone?) The space pirates blow a hole through the Waverider. Ray goes out in his Atom suit to repair it. Ray almost dies. When Kendra gives Ray CPR, she seems to abandon her thoughts of Hawkman. She kisses Ray for reasons no one entirely understands.

Captain Cold and White Canary:

White Canary and Captain Cold are arguably the best characters on the show. The two of them get stuck in a chamber on the Waverider. The chamber latch malfunctions and they are stuck in an ice-cold box. As they freeze to death, they discuss Rory and Snart’s future as partners. We finally learn the origin of the Rory and Snart!

  • Snart was sent to juvenile detention.
  • A bunch of the kids ganged up on Snart.
  • Rory defended him.
  • They have been partners ever since.

Snart agrees that Rory is a liability and is off his hinges. (Duh.) White Canary tells him the hard truth of the matter – Snart has to let Rory go. (This is very sad news.) Up until this point we have only seen Rory and Snart together. It will be a welcome change of pace, to see Snart stand alone.

The CW
The CW

Rip Hunter:

Rip Hunter is not having a good day.

  • He misses his family.
  • He gets captured by space pirates when he attempts to rescue a marooned ship.
  • Finally – one of his crew members turns on him.

We get to see a Rip Hunter flashback, which isn’t all that interesting, but we got to meet his wife! Rip fights the leader of the space pirates and his crew escapes. (FYI-The fight sequence was really good!)


We finally get an episode about Rory, and it is his departure episode! Rory, Rip, Jefferson, and Stein get captured by space pirates. Rory makes a deal with the space pirates: If they let Rory live and bring him back to his time, Rory will give them the Waverider. Guys, Rory is and always will be a villain. So, before you get upset, please remember he is bat sh** crazy! Rory is doing what is best for him.

Anyways, Rory’s plan is foiled. Snart knocks him out and drops him somewhere. (They won’t tell us where, so don’t ask!) Rory wakes up and asks Snart if he is really going to kill him? Snart replies by shooting his cold gun at him. Is Rory dead? Is he frozen? Who knows?



Goodbye, Rory!

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