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‘Grimm’ Exclusive Clip: 5×11 “Key Move”

We have an exclusive clip for tonight’s 99th episode of NBC’s Grimm“Key Move.”

In last week’s episode, Nick and the gang opened Felix’s box of grimm artifacts and weapons, and inside they found more keys! THE keys that could help lead them to a treasure (stolen from Constantinople) buried by the seven grimm knights during the Crusades. The keys form a map, and although they are still missing a couple of keys, they figure out that the map leads them to the Black Forest in Germany — coincidentally the home to many classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

In “Key Move”, the gang tries to determine the exact location of the grimm treasure. Trubel points out that looking at churches could be a good place to start. Genius! After examining all of the churches on the map, they notice that only one doesn’t have a steeple — instead it has a cross. Upon looking closer, the cross actually looks more like an “X”. It’s the classic ‘X marks the spot’ scenario!

Expect to see Monroe and Nick team up for a little skip across the pond to start the search. Without knowing what they may find, this treasure hunt is sure to lead them into danger.

Check out the exclusive clip for a sneak peek into tonight’s episode.

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