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Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey confirmed to star in ‘The Dark Tower’

Image source: EW.com

It is official. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will star in the long-awaited film adaption of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Elba will take on the role of Roland Deschain, known as the Gunslinger and McConaughey will play one of the most notorious characters in King literature, The Man in Black.

image: vanityfair.com
image: vanityfair.com

A quick, simplified overview for those unfamiliar with The Dark Tower books, the story follows Roland on his quest to reach the Dark Tower to save his decaying world. The primary weapon for the Gunslinger? You get one guess.

image: auctionexclusive.com
image: auctionexclusive.com

As a super-fan of The Wire and Luthor, I couldn’t be happier. Elba is one of the few actors of our time who can truly do this character justice. He has proven his ability to play a man with deep-seated psychological scarring that can make him seem unsympathetic or cruel at times but his sense of heroism wins out.

The Man in Black is a highly complex character who has appeared in at least 9 of King’s novels. McConaughey has proven from Dallas Buyers Club to True Detective that he can really play these multi-faceted darker roles. What I’m most excited for here is how McConaughey will weave in his almost irreverent humor. The Man in Black is a dark, destructive literary figure who views the world with a perverse delight. That is what makes him terrifying and that is why McConaughey can excel.

And how does the King himself feel about his book finally coming to life? In a recent Entertainment Weekly article he said:

What I have to go back to is this: We have Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, two great actors. You’ve got a great production team and Akiva Goldsman as the primary script writer. The team is in place, so we’ll hope for the best.”

image: rebloggy.com
WHEW.   image: rebloggy.com

Filming will begin in South Africa in less than two months, according to film director Nikolaj Arcel. Sony plans on an early 2017 release date. With that timeline, expect to see some additional casting announcements in the coming weeks.

What do you think about this casting news? For fans of the series, what are you most excited about for the movie? Comment below or tweet me at @meghanefreeman.


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