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‘The Walking Dead’ recap: 6×11, “Knots Untie”

Season 6, Episode 11, “Knots Untie”, Aired Feb 28, 2016

The Walking Dead keeps its streak of high-action episodes going with “Knots Untie”. The second half of season 6 is slaying, and the plot is moving along quickly (just the way we like it).

“Your world’s about to get a whole lot bigger”


Jesus (Tom Payne) is determined to prove to Rick & Co. that he’s a solid guy worth trusting. They don’t really have warm fuzzies for him since he gave them the runaround (literally) in the last episode. But when Jesus says that he has a community (Hilltop) that does trade with other communities and he wants the Alexandria camp to be a part of that, they’re all ears. He just asks for a chance to bring them to Hilltop to check it out for themselves. Is this another Woodbury situation in the making? Let’s hope not.

Best part of the episode: Rick apologizing to Carl for not telling him about doing the horizontal mambo with Michonne, saying, “It just happened last night.” Really, Rick? No one needs to know that, least of all your preteen son. Carl’s just all like …


Over the river, and through the woods — to the Hilltop Community we go


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Glenn, Michonne and Maggie all tag along in the RV while Jesus leads him to his people. On the way there, they come across an overturned car — it belongs to Hilltop. Luckily for Team Jesus, Rick and his gang are total badasses and save the people who were hiding out in an abandoned building.

As fate would have it, one of the guys they save is a doctor — more specifically, an OB. Looks like Maggie, Glenn, and their unborn baby is in luck. That all seems too good to be true which worries us that one of them is going to die.

When they roll up on Hilltop, it just looks like a shitty wooden fence from the outside, but on the inside, it’s booming (and kind of looks like the slums of King’s Landing in some parts). The small community boasts chicken coops, trailer homes, and farming plots surrounding an old, brick Victorian mansion. Seeing Rick and his ragtag team standing in the immaculate and pristine mansion is pretty eye-opening and proves that there really is a whole other world out there we didn’t know existed.

Meet Gregory the Grinch


Gregory SUCKS! We meet the boss of Hilltop, Gregory, played by Xander Berkeley (24, Nikita, Salem, Being Human). He’s a royal dick, as most apocalypse leaders seem to be these days. Gregory gets judgy about how dirty Rick and the crew are and tells them to get cleaned up.

Rude GIF

Maggie is sent to be the group’s spokesperson, but her chat with Gregory doesn’t go that well because, as we mentioned, Gregory’s a dick. He offers to have Team Rick work at Hilltop to earn food and supplies, but he’s not down for a trade. Gregory acting like the Alexandria crew is inferior to him is freaking hilarious, considering it’s not long before it becomes apparent that he’s not the one with the real power.

Some of the Hilltop members come back from a meeting with the infamous Negan. Apparently, things didn’t go as planned, because one of the guys says he was told to deliver a message from Negan … and stabs Gregory in the gut. Rick and the gang end up saving Gregory and taking down the traitors. I’m not saying it’s karma but …


Jesus is all like, “Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention Negan who killed a 16-year-old Hilltop kid to prove he meant business and now forces us to give him 50% of all our goods in exchange for not slaughtering us all.” Rick’s totally cool with it, though. He has Maggie strike a one-time deal with Gregory (who unfortunately survived) to eliminate Negan and his “Saviors” in exchange for half of Hilltops goods.

Who are Negan and the Saviors about to kill?

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Agreeing to kill Negan is literally the dumbest idea that they’ve ever had. The fact that the group is so cocky about going in and offing Negan and the Saviors, without any knowledge other than what Jesus told them, is stupid as hell. And it probably means that they’re going to get slapped down to size (a.k.a. a bunch of people we love getting murdered/kidnapped/tortured).

Glenn & Maggie

Glaggie’s storyline is going way too well right now. One of them is definitely going to die. Everyone is predicting Glenn will die because of the comics, but there’s also just as big of a chance that Maggie will meet Lucille. Their baby symbolizes hope, and if Negan’s purpose is to crush that, then Glaggie is in major danger.


Then, there’s Daryl. We don’t want to even think about the possibility, but he might be a goner. He’s had a really big role in the last few episodes and that’s never a great sign. There are already rumors swirling that he could die this season. If the show execs really want Negan to pack a punch and show his power to the audience, killing Daryl would be the way to do that. Negan would automatically become more hated than Joffrey.


What was with all the Abraham scenes in this episode? Not that we don’t love him, but it could be quite telling. Either a) they’re building him up to make the audience cry when he gets killed, or b) they’re building him up so that he’s a strong enough character to replace a fan-favorite character when they get killed off.


What do you think about the ease in which Team Rick agreed to eliminate Negan? And who do you think is in danger of getting the axe before the end of season 6?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c.


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