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‘The Flash’: Could Harry Wells be here to stay?

The Flash character, Harry, Wells started off on the wrong foot when he blew into Earth 1. Nobody really trusted him, and with good reason. He was working with Zoom. The great thing about him, however, is that he, unlike the Harrison wanna-be before him, Harry Wells redeemed himself and earned the trust of Team Flash. Personally, I wouldn’t hang my hopes on a happily ever after just yet. These things have a way of turning sour, especially when your name starts with Harrison and ends with Wells. But, until that happens, here are a few reasons we really love Harry and hope he stays good:

He owned his betrayal.

Who does that? Harry Wells could have kept his motives secret, but when push came to shove, he outed himself. His humanity would not allow him to see others hurt further as a result of his actions. How can you not love a guy for that?

I was honestly shocked by this revelation. I had gotten so used to not trusting Harrison Wells that I never believed he’d voluntarily fess up, especially with his daughter’s life on the line.

Barry needs him.

The knee-jerk reaction was to throw Harry in a cell. Fortunately, Barry was able to see past the hostility and urged the rest of the team to give him another chance. His plea on Harry’s behalf brought tears to my eyes. Harry took a chance by coming clean, and it paid off.

Barry and the team held true to their word and worked with Harry to rescue his daughter from Zoom. Now, the only way believes he can keep his daughter safe is to live in exile on Earth 1.

Barry looked up to the Harrison imposter and was devastated by his betrayal. Barry needs to feel that connection to a mentor. He was able to come to terms with the fact that Harry is not the guy who betrayed him, but he still possesses the knowledge and understanding of science that Barry also loves. He can be the mentor and friend that Barry thought he had in Harry’s predecessor.

He’s quirky and funny.

When he first popped through the portal, Harry was easily irritated by what he no-doubt viewed as immaturity. He had very little tolerance for Cisco’s sense of humor and his dire need to name every meta human that blew into town. That’s okay, though, because Cisco wasn’t a real big fan of Harry’s, either.  Of course, that could be because the last person who wore Harrison’s face literally stopped Cisco’s beating heart. So, the exchanges between Cisco and Harry were a bit acidic, and totally fun to watch.

As for Harry’s quirk’s, the most obvious one is his passion for Big Belly Burgers. Thankfully both Earth’s recognize the power of the fast food chain in fulfilling the need to feed.

Tom Cavanagh rocks!

Whether he’s playing the evil counterfeit Harrison, or Earth 2 Harry, Tom Cavanagh kills it. He’s the reason counterfeit Harrison was the man we loved to hate, and he’s the reason we’re glad Harry decided to make Earth 1 his home.

Tom, we salute your awesomeness!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW

(Image via Bettina Strauss/The CW)


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