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Podcast: Brad and Cort Talk ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 1×06 “Star City 2046”

Image: The CW

Enough with all this past time travel it is time for the Legends of Tomorrow to venture into the future and see how awesome Star City is. Seems that things have gone from bad to worse but the gang is there to help Connor and old man Oli get things back in order. Mick picks up a stunning new jacket and then decides the he wants to run Bartertown which isn’t part of the mission.

Hit play on this weekly podcast as Cort and Brad discuss episode 1×06, “Star City”.

Give us a listen and then be sure to let us know what you thought of the episode. What do you think is going to happen between Captain Cold and Heatwave? What time era are we going to next?

Tune into Legends of Tomorrow Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW, and tune into ‘Brad and Cort Talk’ each week for new Legends podcasts


Brad Zipprich

Sci-fi and horror are where it’s at for Brad. As a podcaster for over nine years, it is clear that Brad likes to talk. A fan of the Syfy channel since the day it aired he enjoys covering the variety of shows that the channel puts airs. Be sure to check out the Brad & Cort Talk Podcast here on PureFandom where Brad and his longtime co-host Cort, recap shows and interview actors. Brad is also an avid Obstacle Course Runner who enjoys doing things most people think he is crazy for attempting.

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