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10 times ‘Teen Wolf’ 5×18 made me feel some kind of way

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First of all: yes, I am only using pictures of Crystal Reed as Marie-Jeanne Vallet for my post intros today. One does not simply not focus on the fact that Crystal Reed actually came back to Teen Wolf. One revels in it and celebrates it to an inch of one’s life. Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the episode! “The Maid of Gevaudan” was revealed early on to be a flashback episode about that lovely time La Bete terrorized everyone in a little French-speaking village until one valiant huntress finally defeated it, thus launching the whole Argent history and line. Pretty cool, huh? I wouldn’t mind watching a spin off about Marie-Jeanne and Henri, as well as all the other Argents that followed. Hunters are something that have been teased but never really thoroughly explored on Teen Wolf and I really want to know more. Especially if it involves Crystal Reed and JR Bourne, no surprises there.

1. Ecstatic. ‘Special Guest Star’ CRYSTAL REED IS BACK ON YOUR TV SCREEN, REJOICE! And fine, it’s not as Allison but she and Marie-Jeanne clearly share a lot of DNA and I’m good with doppelgangers being a thing on Teen Wolf. Surely if The Beast can be resurrected, someone can bring back Marie-Jeanne?! Can you imagine Scott, Lydia and Stiles’ reactions if she suddenly appeared? I get that this time around Lydia and Parrish are supposed to defeat the Beast but they’re not doing too well with it right now, clearly experts need to become involved.

2. Skeptical. See, the flashbacks took place in a French-speaking village. Which meant a lot of French-based accents. Keep in mind that I’m French, born and bred, and while I’m willing to be very forgiving since of course they weren’t going to hire 45 French extras to film this episode… the accents were a little grating. And by a little I mean “quite frankly embarassing at times”. Also (and this isn’t only on Teen Wolf)  can someone justify explain how on earth we are supposed to believe that two French characters would be speaking English when they’re alone together? Obviously the whole episode couldn’t be in French, and Crystal’s French wasn’t bad but whole sentences probably would’ve been a stretch… but yeah. Not great. Also, hello, subtitles are a thing!

3. Bored. Hayden kissing Liam to take away his pain? Puh-lease. I don’t understand why there are several gratuitous Liam/Hayden kissing/sex scenes per episode now but I need it to stop. Now. This is not a soap opera, please make these scenes go away forever.

4. Worried. WHERE. WAS. STILES. I’m with Malia here (as always, her being my fave and all), people really need to be more preoccupied about his wellbeing and you know, general whereabouts at all times.

Actually, she should probably team up with the Sheriff, and invite me along.

5. Impatient. Where has Theo been these last few episodes? Listen, Teen Wolf, you can’t dangle an excellent villain in front of us and then forget about him!

6. Frustrated. Sure, we know more about La Bete now (did we really want to know more remains the real question, however) but the Dread Doctors have been MIA for several episodes and the plot hasn’t progressed. There are only two episodes left and I want answers! Stat!

7. Amused. I remember Gilles Marini from Brothers & Sisters and Switched At Birth so I was having trouble seeing him as anything but those characters, especially when you take into account the magnificent pirate/lawyer wig he was sporting. Was I surprised that he turned out to be the original Beast? Nah.

8. Underwhelmed. The new Beast (or actually, the allegedly unsuspecting teen transforming into this resurrected version of the Beast) is *drum roll* Mason. Bleh. I was expecting more of a twist, and if the show goes the “but he doesn’t know, it’s not his fault!” route again (Kanima, Nogitsune, etc.) it’s going to feel a little repetitive. Corey took matters in his own hands when Scott and Liam realized who their new foe was, so Mason’s safe, for now. Or as safe as you can be when you sporadically become a shadowy demon wolf who kills hundreds of people and sometimes beheads them for fun.

9. IntriguedTeen Wolf has done a great job at introducing new mythology and legends, and while several ways of becoming a werewolf have been mentioned (born werewolves, being bitten, receiving a deep enough scratch, etc.) the “drinking from a wolf paw print” one hadn’t been delved into yet. Nice job!

10. (Cautiously) Excited. There are only two episodes left in season 5B, which means we’re going to get (hopefully) a lot of action and answers. Will the Dread Doctors win? Is Beacon Hills now a supernaturally-aware town? Is Scott’s dad coming back to deal with the repercussions of a giant demon wolf terrorizing the high school? Will Mason survive his, um, dark side? How will Malia save Stiles (and herself) from her murderous mother? Is Parrish ever going to wear clothes again?

So many questions, so few episodes left… Check back in next week for the recap of the penultimate episode of 5B!

Stiles thanks you for your time and bids you goodday.



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