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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Breaking down the new teaser trailer

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and haven’t checked out its sister show, Fear the Walking Dead, you should go do that, right now … after you read this post!

Following an explosive first season, AMC has announced that FTWD has been renewed for a second season – premiering Sunday, April 10. Set in L.A., FTWD acts as a prequel to TWD.

In season 1, we met a whole new set of faces who were living in a much older world. With this came a different perspective on the viral outbreak that Rick, of the TWD, was in complete comatose for.

Season 1 was particularly tense for this reason: unlike in TWD, every single character in FTWD is entirely naive and fresh to the idea of ‘walkers’ (a strictly TWD term). In fact, within TWD/FTWD universe there are no zombie movies. Thus, characters have no reference point for this terrifying ordeal. This is why they are always extra bewildered and never use the obvious term ‘zombie’ – just a fun fact. Therefore, we really got to see how impactful the outbreak was in its infancy.

In continuation, season 2 looks set to explore the process of adaptation. We’ll observe how these characters face the new world, which quickly devours their, once bright, futures. The newly released, 15-second teaser provides an inkling as to how painful this process will be. In true TWD style, it is clear that only the fittest will survive.

The season 1 finale of FTWD left us with a very interesting concept: post-zombie-apocalyptic life at sea. Victor Strand (the man with the plan), revealed that “Abigail” was not a person but a yacht. When everything started going south, the gang fled west to his beachfront home. Here, Abigail was docked. Will his plan sink or swim?

Well, the teaser trailer has provided a forecast, and the waters look incredibly choppy. With ‘walkers’ emerging from the ocean (note to self: they don’t even drown) and the main characters running and pointing guns and swimming and pointing more guns, it doesn’t look like they’ll be sailing off into the sunset just yet.

Nonetheless, the ocean is an interesting prospect and so are the lands that lie beyond the horizon. It is a very exciting oblivion and I think, juicy, long-speculated, secrets of TWD universe may be revealed with such expedition.

Let us know in the comments what you think Fear the Walking Dead season 2 has in store!

(image via AMC/Fear the Walking Dead)


Hannah McLaren

Hannah is a University graduate and a fiction writer. She's currently working on a set of short stories and a book, whilst considering a career in journalism. When Hannah's not busy in these arenas, she's a TV addict who has a particular attraction to all things supernatural. She has always been a source of TV knowledge for her friends and now she's here for you, too.

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