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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 1×05 recap: Prison Break!


Legends of Tomorrow, episode 1×05 “Fail-Safe”, aired February 18, 2016.

Me last week: “I wish we could see more character development from Rory.”

The writers this week: “Boom! Rory episode!”

Thank you, writers. At last, Dominic Purcell has his moment. Heatwave you have claimed, Hottie of the Week. Take a bow.

This week Rory, Ray, and Stein are in a Soviet prison. Rory and Ray are cellmates. (Please take a moment to imagine humorous Ray and stern Rory in a cell together.) Rory allows Ray to be beaten in the prison yard.

How does Ray return the favor? Ray sacrifices himself to be tortured, so Rory doesn’t have to. Ray is a great friend to have in a bind, especially if you are being tortured and want them to torture someone else. In return, Rory ends up carrying Ray out on his shoulders and saves his life. We find out Rory can be loyal to someone other than Snart!

Back on the ship Snart, Rip, and Sara are devising a plan to rescue them. It is here Wentworth Miller makes his first Prison Break reference. (Don’t act like you haven’t been waiting for this!)


The plan is:

  • Find members of the Russian mob.
  • Discuss with them, in a bathhouse, how to break into the prison.
  • Sara kicks all of their a**es, per usual. (Seriously, do any of the men ever do anything?)
  • Snart, Rip, and Sara infiltrate the prison.
  • Then, everything goes to hell! (Wait. That wasn’t part of the plan.)

Every plan our team makes goes sideways. So, we expected this one to, as well. What we didn’t expect was Stein giving in to torture and making a Lady Firestorm. The award for Most Useless Character: Martin Stein.

Stein and the crazy scientist lady make an unstable Firestorm. She goes all nuclear and chaos ensues. Ultimately, Jefferson gives the world’s longest speech and Stein fights his way out of the scientist.

The CW
The CW

Win: Jefferson.

I know I have gone this entire recap without mentioning Sara. Fear not. Let’s discuss!

Sara’s Day: Sara began her day being asked to kill Stein. Who asked her? Rip Hunter. Why? Because, Rip is a wanker. In order to save the future of Star City, Stein must not be allowed to reveal the Firestorm secret. Rip asks Sara to stop this from happening by any means necessary. If they can’t save Stein, Rip wants Sara to kill him. Someone explain to me, why Rip spent all of the previous episodes trying to save Sara’s humanity, only to throw all that out the window? Make sense, Rip. Make sense.


Thankfully, Snart talks Sara out of that nonsense and they rescue everyone. They head back to the ship to celebrate their first successful mission. Cronos shows up and shoots them out of the vortex. They crash land in the future Star City. Star City is up in flames and they run into a surprise guest …

Connor Hawke!

That was one hell of a cliffhanger, my Legends! Sound off in the comments: What you thought about the episode? Are you upset with Stein? Do you want to smack Rip? Are you sick of Cronos? Let me know!

Tune into Legends of Tomorrow, Thursday nights, at 8pm on The CW, and don’t forget to check out our Legends podcast and Legends coverage on!


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