‘Fuller House’: Cast meets Trump on ‘The Tonight Show’

It’s 2016 and the cast of Fuller House meets Donald Trump! What a time to be alive!

OKAY, so they didn’t exactly meet THE Donald Trump. However, Jimmy Fallon does a pretty impeccable job of impersonating him. The Tonight Show hosted an episode with the cast of the soon-to-be releasing Netflix original series, Fuller House. To everyone who grew up with Full House (or just watched a lot of reruns on Nickelodeon), the bit brought a lot of nostalgia. I guess with Michelle not returning, Fallon as Trump can take her spot in the family.

The clip showcases the best of Full House’s catchphrases, signature moves, and perfect actors. Everyone was in top form. The video starts with the very memorable bedroom of Michelle Tanner with Donald calling for ‘dad’. Enter Danny Tanner.

It was great that they used the old scores to really make the moments. Of course, in this case it was more comedic than serious. John Stamos was brilliant — when isn’t he? I think it’s safe to say that Uncle Jesse will once again be gracing the walls of young adults everywhere. Never forget his rendition of ‘Forever’ on his wedding day to Aunt Becky. #swoon

The rest of the cast entered the room and the crowd went wild. Andrea Barber is reprising her role of the next door neighbor, Kimmy. She made sure to make her entrance in true Gibbler fashion by bursting through the door.

The cherry on top though, was the cast singing the Full House theme song. It was perfect. I wonder if they took voicing lessons just for that piece. Ahh, I can’t wait to see the new show!

Now, let’s talk about their message.

The cast reminded us of how much we love 90’s sitcoms and the importance of national unity. It’s political and heartwarming — you can’t get anymore American than that! As a history major, it’s small things like this that people (me) use for research in very important papers (thesis papers). Maybe, in 20 years a professor will use the hologramic version of this video in a PoliSci classroom full of kids with real hoverboards. How cool would that be?

Whether you support Trump or not, their message was about loving people and being inclusive. That is after all, ‘What America is about’ as Uncle Jesse says.

Fuller House episodes will be available for streaming on Netflix starting on February 26, 2016. 

(image: Netflix)


Surya Cherian

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